Friday, 9 December 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

This week's twelve are from my upcoming release Awakening.

Blurb: For straight-laced school teacher, Astrid, sex was a subject outside her curriculum. So she is not impressed with her birthday present - a trip to a tropical island of sexual abandonment.

That is until she wakes up in her very own Arabian Fantasy.

 Ordered to pleasure Prince Rashid, her dream lover awakens needs she never knew she had. Will her submission hold the key to her heart? And can reality ever live up to fantasy?

Available from Breathless Press December 16th

Warning: Hot excerpt

“You don’t want me to stop.” The growl in her ear, combined with another sharp pinch to her other nipple sent her breathing into erratic overdrive as one large hand cupped her wet sex. Heaven help her, a stab of pure lust had her knees trembling, his low chuckle the sexiest sound she had ever heard, his stubble grazing her neck, hot lips suckling and nipping.
He took her moan into his mouth, his tongue twirling with hers, before his teeth nipped at her bottom lip hard enough for her to taste her own blood. Startled, she tried to pull away from him, but his iron grip wouldn’t let her, his predatory smile holding her captive. “I can smell your pussy, and I’m going to taste you until you scream for my cock to fill you, deep and hard, right here.”
Astrid gasped at the sudden rip of her dress, cool air on her naked flesh, as he thrust one finger into her juices before inserting that digit right into her anus, pulling her closer still. The shock of the unexpected invasion made her sink her teeth into her lips to stop herself from moaning. “No, please, Rashid.”
Another finger thrust deep, lifted her up on her tiptoes, her hands grabbing his shoulders for support. “That’s no, my lord.”
 At the shake of her head, a third finger stretched her further and she couldn’t help the startled sob he caught in his mouth in a bruising kiss.
“Yield to me, my bad, bad girl or your punishment will be worse.”

Whoops, that seems to be a baker's dozen, forgive me.

You can find other participating Authors here, so do go and check out their twelve and like the Facebook page, if you're on there. 

As ever, have a fabulous weekend, folks! x


  1. Oh my gosh Doris, I'm surprised no one hasn't commented on your dozen here! Very Erotic!

  2. Baker's Dozen or Doris' matter It's HOT!!!! THis is very much i need to read more material. LIKE NOW ! can we have the next dozen tomorrow instead of waiting a week?

  3. Thanks Ray and Raven. I was beginning to worry that I had stunned people into silence, lol.