Sunday, 10 June 2012

One last very naughty six from my Naughty Fairy Tale for Six Sentence Sunday

The Last Of His Kind releases in just two days time!


So here is one last sneak at Doric in action. Be warned it's hot!

With one last roar loud enough to shake the room Doric spilled his hot seed inside the tight pussy clamping down around his cock. Pain travelled from his hip around his body, his tail swished violently, his claws sliced through the plaster of the wall, and his whole body shook, as the last of the poison left his system. The woman in his arms writhed and panted, caught in the grip of her own powerful orgasm, her sweat-soaked body quivering. Her knees gave way when his cock slipped out of her tight haven, his seed leaving a red, fiery trail along the inside of her thigh.
He knew his species’ seed burned their sexual partners, designed to send them into an erotic frenzy to allow him to bite and let his seed take hold. An action he never before had been so tempted to do that his jaw ached and his vision blurred.

Hope you enjoyed that little insight :-)

Till next week, folks. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to check out the other participating authors