Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tiger Scars Cover

Hey all, hope you're having a fabulous weekend. This is just a quick wave hello from me and a blatant look at my awesome cover post!


Can some scars ever truly heal?

Cherie ran away from Ink once. She is not going to get the chance to do so again, but helping her heal will take all of his skills as a Dom. Using Shibari, Knife play, and Ménage sex, he shows her that pleasure can be found in the things that haunt her.

Emotionally and physically scarred Cherie has sought refuge at Club Ink, where she keeps everyone at arm's length. When Ink forces her to face up to her demons, does her submission hold the key to her future happiness? Or will their shared past destroy them once and for all?


Seeing Riding Her Tiger and Tiger Scars next to each other really makes me smile! I am now eagerly awaiting edits. Will keep you posted :-)


  1. Love the cover and your teaser. Can't wait to hear more. Congratulations.