Tuesday, 30 July 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays Leap Of Faith

It's Tuesday again, so here is your tease :-)

Original source unknown)

The flames danced and cast a warm glow over them both. The fire Tom had stoked into life from nothing was an oasis of warmth and light in the rapidly darkening forest. He smiled at her and wrapped the blanket round them both. Lisa burrowed in closer and let out a content sigh when he pulled her closer still and kissed her forehead.
"Better now?" he asked and she nodded.
It was so like him to put her first. He certainly wouldn't need the fire or the blanket. Tom was always warm, too warm, and she had worried about him, at first, but he'd simply laughed and kissed her worries away.
"I'm not sick babe, trust me."
Sure enough, in the six months she'd known him—the most deliriously happy time of her life—he hadn't even caught a cold.
He kissed her again with so much tenderness it brought tears to her eyes.
"I need to show you something, babe. Keep an open mind and remember that I love you."
Lisa smirked when he stepped away and started undressing, but something in his expression stopped her from joining him.

The air blurred and there stood the stuff of nightmares.

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