Sunday, 13 July 2014

#SexySnippets from The Proposal (His Anthology) #sale @evernightpub #shifter

Happy Sunday, folks!

Today I'm going to delve back into my story in the His Anthology. It's currently on sale for just 99 cents at Evernight Publishing, so if you haven't had a chance to read this fab Antho yet, now is your chance to grab a bargain.


Here's your seven...

To set the scene, Laura has been pushing Jamison a little bit too far. He's just finished spanking her  bent over his desk, and yanked her back up to stand between his legs.

“I love the way you taste, tigri, and I can’t wait to taste you properly.” He inhaled deeply and Lara’s heart skipped a beat, as he used both his hands to cup her breasts. His claws dug into her skin, little painful pricks of sensation that pitched her need for his possession higher still.
“Would you like me to lick that delicious pussy? Will you squirt your cream into my mouth and come for me like my little tigri should?”

“Yes … god yes. Anything, please … just do something.”

Strength. Power. Experience. No obstacle is too great when an alpha male decides what he wants, and these dominating men are so sexy and irresistible, no woman would dare think of anything but submission. Billionaires, Doms, and mobsters alike aggressively go after the women they want, and they will stop at nothing to fully possess them and make them beg for more.

Come and find out how good it feels to be HIS.

Be Warned: anal sex, menage sex, BDSM, sex toys, spanking

~Strength Meets Innocence~

Here's the blurb for my Story:

Lara is late for her appointment with Jamison Harold, the man who quite literally holds the future of her firm in his hands. She needs this contract like the very air she breathes. Everything rests on this proposal. 
The tiger shifter she encounters in the lift cannot be her mate, no matter what her hormones are screaming at her. 
She manages to run from temptation, but destiny cannot be outrun. Will her late arrival ruin her future or be the start of a brand new one?

Available from Evernight for just 99 cents.


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.


  1. Looking forward to reading this!

  2. Its on sale? Going to need to add this to my TBR list

  3. I just took a shower, Doris! Am I going to have to take another one? Phew, that was hot!

  4. I love this and read your story, such great characters those tigers :-)

  5. Phew. I can't believe I haven't read this anthology. Hot hot snippet