Tuesday, 8 July 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - A silly Legend

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Now, on with the tease...

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The picture called her like it always did. She could almost feel the damp earth under her skin, the breeze on her back as she curled into herself, frightened and alone, had it not been for him. Meagan traced the outline of the magnificent tiger with her fingers. Warmth seeped through her fingertips, and sparks of electricity danced over her skin, and took her breath away.
“They say the first shift is always the worst.”
The deep gravelly voice behind her pulled Meagan out of her fevered imaginings and she turned away from the painting with a nervous laugh. Hunter Jackson smiled down at her, and she barely supressed a groan. What must he think of her?
“It’s just a silly legend. Shifters aren’t real.” She grimaced at the breathy quality of her voice, but being this close to the head of the art gallery sent her libido and heart rate into overdrive. Hunter had been her secret crush from the minute she started to work here, but he’d never before looked at her with such intensity that his amber eyes seemed to glow.
He stepped closer, crowding her against the wall, until the gallery faded.

“Look again, little one.”

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