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A day with @RavenMcAllan's Regency characters #menage Cecilia's claim

Hi all, it's Raven again…yes I know shh, I'm getting to be a fixture around here. I think I'm the lucky one to be honest. Well it has its good sides and bad ones. Let's be fair, when my characters go off and talk to Doris and leave me behind with my grandson, that’s both good and bad.
Good, because I get Budda all to myself.
Bad, because I know fine well what Doris can get up to…and as for Philippe and Caleb? The mind boggles, even If Cecy is there to try and keep them in check…anyway, Budda and I have a date with a very large bowl of ice cream and a chocolate milk shake.

Doris here, as you can see that Raven has taken over again. Mind you, she did leave me with her characters...

*grins to self*

On with this interview!

Raven grabs Budda by the hand and whispers things like "love from Grandma," and "gooey" and "shall we?" I have a feeling I should be a bit worried. However there's no time.

"So hello," Philippe bows over my hand. How come all of Raven's heroes are charmers? Just for once it would be nice to have a healthy dislike for one.

R Not my heroes sorry, a baddy maybe.

Damn I thought she couldn't hear me…

R I know how your mind works…

I knew she'd say that.

"Now, bonjour Philippe. Comment ca va?  (I thought I'd do my French bit first, and hope he replies in English."

"Hello Doris. To meet you at last in person, instead of watching you put red type over my words is enchanting. Why do you mess with my words eh?" His look is 100% Gallic, and I tell you he smolders. I'm squirming, when Cecy punches him on the shoulder. It's not a gentle punch either. The other guy—can I call regency gentlemen guys I wonder—winces and not just from embarrassment. He looks at me, and I tell you his eyes aren't smoldering, they are twinkling. Oh my, what a twinkle.

"It serves him right for being rude," Caleb, well I guess it's Caleb, says with a grin. "He was a bit miffed when you made Raven cut out his lovemaking in French. After all you can sound a lot more romantic and be much more explicit in French."

He bends forward and whispers in my ear. Darn it I'm sure I'm the color of the tomato I had for lunch. "Shall I translate?" he says with a wink.

"Er no thank you." Even I know what he said, and it's as well I know he's teasing.

Cecilia looks across to him, and I swear he blushes. If she could bottle that look, and give it to me to sell I'd be rich by Friday. It's a lethal 'behave or else' look. Even I'm wondering what I should have done and I haven't. Ah maybe ask some questions?

"So, er well it's good to have the three of you on my blog today. I know we're all celebrating the release of your story, Cecilia's claim.  I love the story. Was there any part of it you would've preferred Raven to miss out?"

All three of them shake their heads at the same time. Well that was unequivocal. "Why not?" I'm genuinely interested. After all some parts are very hot, and I reckon very intense and private.

"It is our life." Cecelia replies. "All of it is what makes us who we re. Good bad or indifferent. If we are to tell our story, that is what we do."

Okay that makes sense.

"So what's the best bit for you in the book?" They burst out laughing. Now it's my turn to go red.

"When we take Cecy in the…" Philippe pauses, winks and laughs. "In the glade."

"At the very end." Caleb says. "And I'm not giving any spoilers here."

"When I meet them each time." Cecy grins. "And one look and my insides melt."

Now I'm melting. Them a screech of laughter from Budda in the next room brings me out of my reverie. Last time Budda and Raven disappeared whilst I interviewed her characters I spent three hours getting chocolate off Budda and a leather sofa. I look at my notes. Caleb leans over my shoulder.

"One to six are no-nos, don't even bother. Seven, only in the sunshine, eight, he does if he thinks he can get away with it, and nine never ever. Ten I love them equally."

"What?" Philippe pushes Caleb to one side. "Oh yes, I agree. Except I never try to do that, it is beyond my capabilities."

Cecy takes the paper from my hand. I'm limp with all the testosterone floating about.

"Philippe De Caen, do not dissemble. You do, whenever you can. And I let you. And believe me, Doris, Caleb is not far behind. They are as bad as each other. In fact I think we compliment each other in every way. Now let's see what else you ask."

I sit back and let her get on with it.

"Which side of the bed do you like?" She's reading my notes.
 "Right" The men answer in a hurry.
"And I like the middle," Cecy adds. "Now favorite food?"
"Fruits de mer."
"Steak and kidney pudding"
"Oh apple pudding, or soup. So gentlemen, one last question. Doris has asked where we prefer to live…" They look at each other and smile.
This time three voices answer me.
"It doesn't matter, as long as we're together."

Awww. They go out of one door as the other one opens and Budda runs in. As usual he's filthy. Raven follows him and grins. 
"We've saved you ice cream, I thought you might need it to cool down…"

Never a truer word…

Everyone agreed the Brigstock family was unconventional. Just how unconventional could be somewhat of a shock...
She may have turned her men down once, but will she have the resolve to do it again?
Cecy's willpower is never strong when she's around Caleb or Philippe, and now she needs them to keep her safe. They intend to stick close to her, so surely a little dalliance is acceptable? The problem is a little is not enough for any of them, but can they all agree just on what form the 'more' should take?

Here's a tease…

"Look, love, do you trust us?"
"Certainly," Cecy said, surprise in her voice. "Else I would not be here."
"You think not?" Philippe asked.
"I know not, or not without putting up a fight, and remember 'twas Randall who taught me to hold my own, and not in a ladylike way. I could kick your balls so far inside you, they'd never see the light of day again, let along provide your cock with the juices of enjoyment. That I chose not to must prove something?"
Caleb pinched her ear. "We overwhelmed you with our, er prowess?"
"Something like that." She ran her hands down her skirt. "So, what happens? Am I to stay here? Not in this glade I hope. I don't admire nature to the extent I wish to commune with it all day and night."
"Cecy listen." Philippe took her hands and drew her to him. His swift glance at Caleb made him move behind her wedging her between them.
"A Cecy sandwich?" she asked, as she snaked her foot between his legs. He held it tight. She may say she was acquiescent, but who knew how far her docility went?
"Naughty," Caleb chastised her and she sniggered. "Actually my lord as I still have no footwear on I thought to give your cock a love tap." She grinned at him over her shoulder.
"Thank you, I prefer you do not. I'll give you a love tap instead." He administered two sharp spanks to her arse, one on each globe. She jumped and went to rub the spots.
"No, no," Philippe took hold of both her hands and held them high above her head. "We give the taps and we give the rubs. You enjoy."
Caleb caught the inference. "How does it feel, love, to be caught between us, to feel my hand sting your flesh, and soothe the sting? Does the pain change to pleasure, and fill you with the need for more?"
"The truth, now, Cecilia." Philippe added as he bent his head and showered tiny nipping kisses along her shoulder. "Does it excite you and make your juices flow? Are you wet? If one of us dipped our hands inside your honey pot would we be covered in your nectar?"
Cecy wriggled and pressed her rear into his groin. His prick decided it was time to notice and jerked its appreciation. Of course she detected the tiny movement and pressed ever harder.
"Unless you want your dress flipped over your head, your arse spanked the color of your lips and both of us ministering to you now, I suggest you desist. As much as that scenario appeals we have no time. We must move."


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  1. Lol Such a fun interview ladies :)

  2. Thanks for letting us invade Doris... The wet wipes and fan are in the post. You know which is for who...