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An Interview with a male sub shifter and his Domme with @CherieNicholls #newrelease

Some folks are hard to track down, I tell you. Well, I guess it's only to expected with Cherie Nicholls's characters. They are shifters after all and I shall keep my grumbling to a minimum.

Ticking off a shifter Domme would not be the wisest move I don't think....even if it is Under A Moonlit Night

Tracing His Heart by Cherie Nicholls

Carter Jones, known as Jones to his friends, lost part of his soul a long time ago. He had to make a choice between his pack and his heart, a choice that has haunted him and his wolf for years. Rhea Gracefield, Domme, business woman, and lone wolf, was forced out of her pack when the wolf she loved told their secret. What happens when Jones finds his way in to the Domme’s Domain?

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An Interview with a male sub shifter and his Domme.

Rhea is sitting in a chair and Jones is kneeling on a pillow at her feet. The male wolf shifter is sitting back on his heels and still seems like a giant of a man.

Q. How hard is it being a submissive male shifter?

Jones: It’s not hard for me at all. For other people, not all but some I won’t mention, they find it hard to accept that what I and Rhea have is right. But I don’t really care what they think, I have a hot confident woman in my bed, how many of them can say that?

Q. Who trained you?

Jones: Rhea did, well we started out together but then. Jones looks at Rhea with such sadness is hard to see. Well then things happened and we weren’t together for a long time. I can’t claim to have been celibate.

Rhea strokes a hand down his head calming him.

Q. Why do you feel the need to submit to Rhea?

Jones grins 

Have you seen her? Who wouldn’t want to submit to her?

Rhea: Don’t believe him; he likes to push my buttons.

Q. Rhea, what makes you want to be in charge?

Rhea: To have the trust of someone in my hands, something that’s so fragile that one wrong move could destroy it, is a heady feeling.

Q. How did you feel when he walked into your club after all that time?

Like I wanted to rip his throat out and watch as he gasped for his last breath.

Q. Sub 'torture' of choice?

Hmm, I do love to torture him. But if I had to pick I’d say having him tied up and refusing to let him come until I say. Now that is really fun.

Jones looks less than impressed

Q. Favourite toy?

Rhae: Actually it’s my hands. I’m very tactile with my sub. Also It’s not like I can ever forget to pack them, is it.

Q. What do you like most about the other person?

Jones: Everything

Rhea: What he said.


Okay, maybe I forgive them for being late.


Now, I bet you can't wait for an excerpt, right?

“What I want,” she said finally, “is you on that bed, on your back with your wrists by the headboard in ten seconds or so help you.” She took a step to the side and started to count. “One, two, three.” Jones moved, making it to the bed and positioning himself, as she’d commanded.

“Nine, ten. Good boy.” She smiled at him as she came to stand by the bed. Heat blossomed inside him at her words. He always loved pleasing her.

She moved to secure his wrists to the headboard with cuffs he hadn’t seen. Just as quickly, she immobilized his ankles.

“You do make a pretty picture.” She told him as she glided a finger down his body, pulling a shiver from him.
“Hmmm, I do enjoy when you do that. I wonder what else I can do to make you shiver.” Without warning she leaned forward and took his hard erection into her mouth until he tapped the back of her throat.

“Sweet mother!” Jones roared as the sensations zinged around his body. With a long slow lick she pulled away from him.

“Tut tut, naughty boy, I don’t remember saying you could speak?”

“Please Mistress.” He panted the words. She’d barely touched him and already he was ready to come, and come hard.

Sounds like a must read to me!


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