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Dance Of The Chocolate Covered Grandson #characterinterview @RavenMcAllan #newrelease

I always love having Raven on my blog with one of her new releases, and today is no exception. In fact I pinned her down for you to get the dirt on her latest release Dance To A Different Beat. Well, I thought I had pinned her down, but dang that honorary Grandma of my youngest, I should have known she'd get her own back.
*rolls eyes*
So, you're in for a treat. Make yourself a cuppa and see what happened when I tried to interview Raven's characters

(Raven here)
Damned If I didn't know she'd get her own back. Come on my blog she sayd. Let's chat about Dance to a Different Beat. You can cuddle Budda, and share chocolate kisses and I'll ask you questions. I'll come up to yours it'll be a nice change.

I should have known better than to let Raven coerce me into going to her place, now I hadn't the foggiest idea where we were. And I still remember the last time I let her lose with Budda. Chocolate everywhere. I found bits in the strangest places. I swore then, I'd be on my guard, and make sure I've hidden the chocolate.

Yeah, that'll be right. I should have remembered she can be devious. (Well with nine children she has to be at times.) But hey I'm no slouch in that department, I used to work in Schools, I've already hidden my stash of chocolate.

Then I was getting giddy, Budda was giggling, and Raven was talking silly stuff to him. It was all right for them; they had their eyes open. I promised I wouldn't.

S'okay D, we’re here you can look now.

And so we were...

I open my eyes to find the building somewhat of a letdown. Just a big stone place, almost box like and with a tarmac car park on two sides. We must be somewhere in the city. I can hear cars on what must be a motorway judging by the noise, and there's a clock chiming the hour. Then we go to one of two doors set into the wall, and Raven presses a keypad. The door opens and I'm half expecting to hear the music from The Twilight Zone, or The Omen or something.
Once inside we go up a wide staircase and into a really bland foyer. Two people are waiting for us, which I assume must be Sean and Jane, Raven's characters from Dance To A Different Beat.  Jane seems to have seen me look at those boring walls because she smiles. "They're due to be painted next week with a mural I believe."
I smile back at her and am itching to ask some questions about that mural, because my imagination has just gone into overdrive, but Sean choses that moment to kiss Raven—one can go off honorary grandmas, you know—and we're taken next door. This lounge is amazing, and if I squint through the large window into… Oooohh! It's a big dungeon sort of room that I would love to explore, but sadly that's not what I'm here for.
"We'll let you look around later, if you want?" Sean's deep voice drips like honey and I find myself blushing like a school girl. I also have to fight the urge to sink to my knees, which hubby would find very amusing I am sure. I must have managed to nod in response, because he smiles at me. A clit clenching toe-curling kind of smile that has me biting my lip to not drool. Jane is a very lucky woman.
Ha, Raven here. I got Budda, and cuddles. Then we were shoved—shoved I tell you—out of the room. She didn't want me; oh no she wanted Jane and Sean. They said okay why not, and didn't even need me to hold their hands.
Ponders I do hope Doris knows how to get chocolate out of hair, shirts, settees. Oh and off TV screens, windows…I don’t think Sean has thought this through somehow. That settee is cream for goodness sake.
See what I had to put with. That got her out of my hair, though. Raven has perfected her 'don't you diss with me and my characters' stare so well, there's no way I can talk to Jane and Sean with her hovering, as long as I can ignore the giggles and grandma more noises from the next room. I tell you the things I do for you, dear readers… It's such a hardship after all, interviewing Sean…
Okay, back to the interview:
I get my wayward hormones back under control and shuffle my papers. Now, where are those questions? Ah, yes. I smile at Sean and Jane.
"First things first, and I have to ask. Why call the club a Dance Studio? Don't your … err … clients get confused?"
The two of them look at each other with such a look of love that I may as well not be in the room. I cough discreetly and Sean settles his attention back on me. He kisses my hand and I am so glad I'm sitting down.
"Ah I'm sorry Doris. So why the Dance Studio? Well there's dancing and there's d a n c i n g."
He says the word very slowly and my insides do the two step. I so get what the name means now.
"And I assure all our clients know exactly what sort of dance they're going to do. It's a private members club, and we all like certain types of…"
Dammit he winks at me.
 *sighs to self*
"Dancing. You see sometimes people want something that not everybody accepts or respects. To those of us who enjoy a certain type of lifestyle it gives us a place to meet up. But also a place to play in private."  Jane sniggers and rolls her eyes at this and I hide my smile, as Sean continues. "With or without an interested and non-judgmental audience."
So what happens if you get innocent queries?" I ask. "You know people who want to learn to ballroom dance?"
Sean grins at me.
"We really do have a proper dance studio. It's away from the rest of our, err, studios, and only open on one night a week."
"Vanilla night?" I can't help myself. I snigger a little and he nods.
"You could call it that, although Josh, the instructor is qualified in more than just the Waltz and the quickstep."
"Yeah just ask Ali…" Jane interrupts and I hold my breath. Sean did have rather a Sir stare then, one that I can't help but respond to, and I've got a Sir of my own… Time to ask another question, me thinks.
"Sean, you’re a respected Dom. When did you first realize your interest lay in things more than vanilla?" Sean ponders this for such a long time, I'm beginning to think he is not going to answer me, and then he shrugs and smiles. I tell you that smile could crack ice and melt snow.
"Hell, woman, couldn't you ask something easy like the formulae of integration or the number of grains of rice needed to keep the salt in my salt cellar dry? How do you ever realize something like that? Not consciously and not in a light bulb moment. I just knew what I liked, found things I wanted to try, and sometimes people I wanted to try them with. Then I well I supposed you could say I became disillusioned. I was knocked back by the one woman I wanted to play with… no not play, much more like interact with and be a partner to."
"And a Sir, Sir."  Jane adds. Now he smiles at her. I swear he would make a fortune if he bottled it. Makes me feel soooooo good.
*Note to self, remember hubby's smile…*
Dammit now I'm even more hot and bothered. Time to switch my attention to Jane.
"Jane, you seem most reluctant to meet Sean again in his role as Dom at the start of the book. Can you share with us why?"
"I knew if I did meet him again, something would change between us, and I wasn't sure if I was ready for it." Jane answers. "I'd got some hang ups—still have to be honest, and I had no idea if they'd come between us again. I knew how I felt about Sean, but not about all of his demands. He's a very masterful man, and although I love it, and him…well, some things aren't easily accepted."
I love how open she is being with me, and how Sean quietly encourages her.
"Sean, you waited some time for her. How did you know she was the one?"
Sean shrugs again. Oh, I am starting to love that shrug.  
"How do you know anything? A shiver when I saw her, a tingle and a need to touch? A determination to protect and cherish her whatever? I just knew."
Oh lordy me, I am melting on the spot here.
"Did you not get fed up waiting?"
"I'd have waited forever. No okay, stop rolling your eyes, both of you. I wouldn't, I'd've made a move even if Ali… er sooner or later." I so know that wasn't what he was going to say. I wonder who Ali is?
"Jane, can you tell us what made you seek out Sean this time? Why didn't you do it before?"
"With hindsight, I don't think I did seek him out. I'm sure there was a lot of prodding and coercion, of the nicest kind.  Some people decided for me. But yeah, I'm glad they did."
I can tell that she really means it, and I move onto my next question.
"What do you like most about wax play?"
"I'll go first," says Sean. There's a primeval sense of ownership. That each drop is making a statement, and creating a pattern of beauty on a perfect surface for it. As each bubble of wax touches, and the tiny hiss of breath passes between Jane's lips, my body responds. And before you ask, it was never so intense for me before."
"Aw… thank you sir." Jane says. "To me, I look into Sean's eyes, when I can, and as each teardrop touches me, I can see the love and need in him. For each little sting, I'm sharing something so precious it is like a teardrop. A happy one. As the sting flows into me so does our love."
*makes mental note to remind Sir we we haven't played with wax in a while*
"Is there something that wasn't in the book that you’d like to share with us? Sean?"
"I hate Banana's and the crinkle of greaseproof paper," he replies.
Jane laughs. "My favorite spice is Cinnamon and my favorite Muppet Miss Piggy."
I get it. They are not going to give us spoilers.
"Ok quick fire questions for both of you. Favorite body part of your partner?"
They reply in unison.
"His butt, oh god it’s perfect."
 "Her butt oh god it's perfect." They both burst out laughing, and I have to join in.
"If it was vanilla or nothing, could you?" I ask my next question and I am most curious as to what they will say.
"Well, define vanilla?" Sean counters, and I smile and decide to move on.
"Savory or sweet?"
"Sweet," Jane says.
"Both," is Sean's reply.
"Ropes or chains?" I ask. Jane goes white and I could bite my tongue out. Sean gives me such a look it takes all my determination not to assume the position and wait for the flogger. Wrong question, clearly.
"Hot or Cold?"
Jane relaxes and answers, "Hot."
"Yeah, oh definitely hot…" Sean winks.
"Any last words to your readers as to why they should check out your book?"
Jane replies. "Because it’s a hot Romance on The Go. Long enough to get you all hot and bothered, to read on the way to work or in the bath. And to think up ways of utilizing the info on your other half maybe?"
I smile at that and look to Sean for his answer.
"Now then, think of what we've told you, and then think of all the things we haven't. They might just be in the book."
Ah, good answer that.
"And, Doris honey, you night need to invest in some extra strong child-cleaner, did you see the size of the bar of chocolate Raven gave to her grandson?"
I groan to myself and sure enough I can hear Raven's wicked evil giggles in my mind. She did say she'd get her own back, because I wouldn't let her keep the chauffeur.
So, there you have it. See what I put myself through?

Jane has a decision to make. Meet Sean and face her demons, or hide. Can she allow herself to let go enough to give this experienced Dom the submission he demands?

Jane has always made her own way in life, and the thought of giving up that control scared her away once. Sean is determined to show her that true submission is a joy, and not something to be feared. He is not prepared to lose her again.

As they face her fears, can they reach their full potential, or will those demons just prove too much to conquer?

Be Warned: BDSM, wax play

As he watched under hooded eyelids Jane ran her hand over the back of a leather chair, and caressed the smooth shape as it swept in a dramatic curve and became the arm. Her fingers splayed out over the wooden covered strength. She'd always been tactile, and Sean could only wish her hands would touch him in the same erotic way. The thought of her mouth on his cock, or himself buried deep inside her pussy, had been the basis of more than one of his climaxes. He despaired of ever seeing if his fantasies lived up to the reality. She looked at him. "So this is vanilla?"
He nodded. Shit, I must seem like one of those stupid nodding dogs you win at the fair. "So?"
"Oh nothing really," Jane smirked. "But a chair like a giant clit isn't what I'd call vanilla."
 He laughed. "You, my dear, are the other person to recognize that, let alone remark on it."
"Really? So what does everyone else see?" She sounded genuinely interested.
"What?" Jane sounded incredulous as she let him seat her at a small round table carefully screened from the wind, and prying eyes. "Nothing else? It's two-tone red leather, for goodness sake."
He shrugged and went to a side table where an array of fruit was set under muslin covers. "People only see what they want to see Jane. And hear what they want to hear." He handed her a bowl of fruit with everything Ryan had assured him she loved in it. "Don't you agree?"
"Hmm." She ate a spoon full of raspberries. As the deep red vied with the subtle hue of her lips Sean's cock reacted and hardened. Damn, if he didn't wish it was his prick that was being sucked into her mouth. "How d'you mean?" She swallowed and filled her spoon again. "This is good. If I'd known I was coming for breakfast, I'd have ditched the joggers and worn something tidier. So, you were saying?"
"That people have selective sight and hearing, and interpret things in their own way to suit themselves." He paused. Should he? Why not? It can't make things any worse.  "Take yourself for instance. Your friend wants to come to dance, you hear BDSM. Did you ever check with her to see what she'd been told? Nope, you just jumped to conclusions. Why? Have you been to see Ava and Ryan? No, not since she told you what had happened. You worry her and Ry, you know, but does it bother you? Evidently not, you just see them as threatening your safe sterile life and ignore them. And you set the whole thing up, and I could have sworn not five minutes ago you were really happy for them, but you haven't told them that. They both wonder what they've done to insult you. And us? You ran. You saw how well we meshed, and ran. No questions to me, no define what you mean, nothing. You just bottled. And now look at you? You look like a bag lady. Your glow has gone. When are you going to open your eyes and ears and see and hear what's going on? When are you going to give us a chance? Or are you going to let yourself be sucked into apathy and sterility? For fuck's sake remind yourself what you felt with me, tell yourself you deserve more. And bloody well talk."
He slammed his hands on the table so hard both the crockery and Jane jumped. Her spoon fell to the floor, followed by three slices of apple and a grape.

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Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.
She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.
A lover of reading, she appreciates the history inside a book, and the chance to peek into the lives of those from years ago. Raven admits that she enjoys the research for her books almost as much as the writing; so much so, that sometimes she realizes she's strayed way past the information she needs to know, and not a paragraph has been added to her WIP.
Her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.

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