Tuesday, 24 September 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - Caught

Happy Tuesday, Folks. Enjoy my tease today.

Source: Facebook
Original Source unknown

Lost in thought the harsh hand that wrapped round her throat caught her by surprise. Water went everywhere as her flailing hands tried to connect with something, anything to use a weapon. The scream stuck in her throat. Adrenalin rushed her system as her body readied itself to fight.
Through the blood rushing in her ears, she barely caught his umph of pain as one of her fists made contact with soft flesh. The hand on her throat tightened and an arm of steel round her waist pulled her back and flush against the hard cock nestling against her ass.
She half turned and fear changed to overwhelming need when Cade smiled down at her.
He loosened his hold on her and ran his teeth along her neck. His harsh breath into her neck skimmed across the frantic beats of her pulse point, and she flung one arm back to pull him closer still.
She felt his smile in the kisses he delivered along her damp neck and she sucked in a breath when his other hand trailed over the exposed skin of her tummy, and slipped under the seam of her panties.

"My, what have we here, pet?"

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.

D xx


  1. It was hot but not one of my favorite of yours.

  2. She searched for a weapon and he brought one for her! Nicely done teaser, Doris:) xo

  3. Well paced. The descriptions were right on cue. But I wonder if she would react to his joke of violent behavior in the beginning.

    1. It's a little game they play, Pablo :-)

  4. i like this one very much,.....but you know me well hahaha

  5. Very well written. The start had me thinking dark thoughts but then for it to turn to something romantic was brilliant

  6. Hot, hard and edgy, daring to suggest danger and then morphing into passion. Great writing, Doris.

  7. I loved this Doris! This was wonderful, and I loved the intensity, the fear, and then the desire. Wonderful!

  8. I love the edge of danger play here. I could feel the rush of adrenaline.

  9. Wofty that was hot. Great fit to the pic Doris. Fab tease. xx

  10. ok wow!! My heart can now leave my throat. lol Def had me going there, love the twist. :)