Saturday, 26 March 2011

Exciting times

I am quite literally bursting with excitement. Not only did I receive an e-mail from my editor last night, requesting the full manuscript - yey - cue me hardly sleeping all night, but today was also our gender scan.

Now deep down I have always thought that newbie was a boy, we had a boy's name picked for ages and Tj has been adamant that he was having a baby brother and at our NHS scan on Monday I was sure I had seen boy bits.

So today was the big reveal and just like Tj was at his, Markus was very obliging and not at all shy, as you can see in this pic, which I am definitely blowing up for his 18th Birthday!

Just like his brothers and the girls too, come to think of it, he has big feet and amazingly long legs. No mistaking the family genes!

Feet, heart beat and profile in the above pics.

Here he is looking straight us.

and finally, here he is snuggling into the placenta.

We were shown some free 4 D footage too, which was amazing. It clearly showed him yawning, and sucking his thumb and much to the sonographer's amusement, he wasn't shy in 4 D either ;-) Just like the males in this house really...

So there you have it, I give you Markus, an already much loved addition to our brood. Tristan is making plans for him already. "I can show him how to kick a football."

Actually Tj was a scream at the scan. When we told him that newbie was indeed a boy, he just shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah...and... I knew that!"

Out of the mouth of babes and all that.


  1. Hi Doris,
    Super news all round really. Congratulations and don't forget to take it a little bit easy. Mx

  2. Thanks Morton, am sitting here with my feet up, scoffing chocolate, so am def taking it easy ;-)

    I do believe Markus approves if the amount of wriggling is anything to go by.

  3. I'm one of those people who has to keep turning her head when looking at baby scans to see which bit belongs to what, but yours look great! :D Congrats on both counts - 2011 is turning out fantastic for you xx

  4. Super pics, Doris!! And I'm with Morton, try to take it easy - I don't know how you manage them all!!!