Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Men and Romance novels

I find myself pondering the above this morning. How many men do read romance novels do you think? Does your other half?

I ask, because my dear husband never used to read them. In fact he used to scoff at my devouring of M&B novels with the usual male snigger. All that changed however when I entered last year's New Voices competition. Being the lovely, supportive husband he is he took interest in my writing and started reading some of the other entries. Following on from the competition and my continued writing and Nano frenzy in November, he discovered the free first chapters on the M&B website. He used to read them at work in his lunch hour.

Still denying that he actually enjoyed them this was research so that he could offer me a more informed opinion on my own writing endeavours.

He then started mentioning the ones he liked and invariably I had the book handy so he could read it. Now he has always been a slow reader and even an M&B used to take him ages.

Well fast forward a few months and he is reading them faster than I am! To say the man is hooked is an understatement. Last night, having finished the latest Riva in record time he even nicked MY Kindle and proceeded to read in the bath.

He takes the books to work, he talks about them to his work colleagues, he reads them at the doctor's surgery, he even reads them whilst eating his dinner. Last night he forgot to eat, he was so engrossed in finishing. It is highly amusing I tell you.

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. This is the man who thoroughly enjoys chick flicks even though he grumbles when I drag him along to one, so I guess this is just a natural progression.

A friend asked me yesterday whether my husband was an Alpha male and it got me thinking. I wouldn't have necessarily thought of him as one, but on reflection yes he is. Not in the obvious way you would think of when you think of Alpha males but in all the ways that matter and that in my opinion make a true man.

He is secure enough in his sexuality to not feel threatened by anything not considered manly. He is confident, a natural born leader, successful in his profession, loyal, responsible, honest, caring and a romantic through and through. In fact I suspect at times he is far more romantic than me. He is a brilliant father and husband and I consider myself very lucky to have him :-)

On the flip side he is also a typically stubborn male, loves his motorbikes, aviation, martial arts and is obsessed with weight training and keeping fit generally. He is also moody as hell when tired and completely immovable when he doesn't want to do something, lol. And his temper is something to behold...But then, that's what makes life interesting.

So, over to you. Is your significant other an Alpha male? Interested in Romance? Or completely non plussed by the whole thing?


  1. I wouldn't have said my husband was an alpha male. He's just really laid back at home. Not too much upsets him. But it's become apparent at his work over the last few years that whatever department he gets moved to, he ends up being the guy everyone looks to when things aren't going well.

    Some of their problems involve people who are going to get to talk to a police officer pretty soon. His coworkers, and even some of his bosses, always look to him to deal with the poorly behaved people as well as the officers. He doesn't look forward to the drama, but it doesn't bother him too much either. He just gets it done. I guess that makes him an alpha. At least when he feels like it.

  2. Love writing about alpha males but, good lord, don't think I'd wanna live with one... That said my other half is quietly confident and does seem to get his own way most of the time by some sneaky method that I haven't figured out yet, even after 20 years... how fricking annoying is that!

    As to reading romance novels, he read my first published book, told me how great it was and hasn't picked up another one since, by me or anyone else. Bless!

  3. LOL Heidi, I recognise that somehow he gets his own way all too well...

  4. I'm impressed that your husband reads them! When mine first discovered that I love reading them, he scoffed and ridiculed and the scoffed some more!! Slowly though he has come round to them, thanks to some great sales pitches from me! But while he is more than willing to read and critique (or should that be criticise!!) my attempts at writing, he has yet to read a full book, however we have a bet going that he reads one of mine, and I'll read one of his! Trying to think of a good one for him! Hmmm .. Suggestions!

    Love the post, and you blog, have only just come across it!

  5. As a man, I'm ashamed to say I used to make fun of my girlfriend for reading them... then I picked one of hers up. I think a lot of us see the male models on their covers and, to be honest, feel a little intimidated. I don't exactly have those abs. But having read a few now, I've realized that that's just the cover. The male heros aren't perfect, and in fact point out that flawed men are still worth falling in love with. Which is empowering really. So while I'm not devouring them, I do appreciate them. And I can say I've really enjoyed some racier romance novels...