Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Some ramblings

Has it really been almost a month since I blogged last? Crazy and it's not as though I haven't got plenty to say, trust me I do, but somehow I haven't taken the time to blog about it.

It's been a bit crazy around here to say the least. Newbie decided to misbehave, cue lots of worry for yours truly, until things settled down again. I'm pleased to report we are both well, I just feel extremely pregnant all of a sudden and wondering why I ever thought that being pregnant at the grand old age of 43 would be a good idea. Ah well, I just have to remind myself on a regular basis, that I am not a spring chicken any more and that I am entitled to take it easy. A fact my dear husband reminds me of frequently, but as someone who is usually always on the go with bundles of energy, it's a hard pill to swallow.

On the upside I have been getting lots of baby related parcels this week, namely nappies. There is something so incredibly cute about newborn cloth nappies - happy sigh.

Last week we were visited by the dreaded lurgie. Tj went down with it at first, then Gabs, then me, Molly was next and finally Esther. Thankfully, fingers crossed, touch wood etc. this now seems to be the end of it. The one time having a large family is not the best of ideas is when there is a D&V bug. Thankfully my new tumble dryer arrived just in time to cope with the influx of washing. Having managed without one for almost nine months, I am really, really appreciating having one again. Best invention ever if you ask me :-)

Writing related I have had a couple of rejections for Scandinavian Scandal, so this has been shelved for now. Looking at it through objective eyes, my writing has improved lots since I wrote this, so I will eventually rewrite it completely I think. It could definitely be better.

Still waiting very patiently to hear back about Too Hot to Handle from the powers that be. No news is good news I tell myself. My latest manuscript Too Devious to Tame is taking shape slowly but surely. Much to my surprise this has turned into a thriller and there are some dark scenes in there, which have been quite difficult to write. I'm told it's one of my best pieces of writing to date, so we'll see. Slow process, as pregnancy tiredness means no late night writing sessions for me. Add to that general blondness and placenta brain, well it has hysterical consequences at times...

I do have two contemporary entries in the Romance Junkies competition one of which is on the site this week, so if any of you have the time to read and vote, feel free... My entries are under a pen name, as per the rules, so just vote for your favourite :-)

Right, have just received another parcel of nappies and maternity clothes, so excuse me whilst I go and drool for a while.

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  1. good to see tardis back again.. just wish I could get the inspiration to blog.... too busy reading your chapters and plotting mine