Monday, 13 June 2011

A new Venture

I have a new venture. The lovely ladies of my critique group, otherwise known as UCW, have started a group blog.

The Nuthouse Scribblers

As the title suggests, nutty and dare I say saucy things will be happening on that blog. Get us lot together and you never know what we may do.... So you have been warned ;-)

Bearing in mind us Nuthouse Scribblers have varying tastes, from Sweet romance to Erotic Romance to M/M romance, Paranormal and Horror- well you get the idea - there should be something for anyone's taste. One thing we all have in common is a wicked sense of humour and did I mention we tend to get carried away... so if you're easily offended, then maybe avert your eyes, lol.

One thing I can promise is posts from all of us on varying subjects and oodles of fun.  We have all picked different days. Mine will be Fridays. I have yet to decide what to call my Friday slot.... any suggestions welcome.

So far I'm rolling the following around in my head

TGIF - Thank God It's Friday  (not the most original, I grant you)

Freaky Fridays

Funky Fridays

Fun Fridays

you get the idea.

Am I wondering whether I have taken complete leave of my senses? You bet I am. It's hard enough at times to think of something to blog about on here, let alone have a regular Friday Blog Spot. I predict lots of moments of Thursday evening despair of "OMG, what am I going to post about?" And even more blonde moments than normal and I can't blame them entirely on placenta brain, though I do try!

But hey I'm a writer, right? Can I hear an loud Yeah from you all please?

Hmm, the silence is deafening....

So I should be able to think of something. So far I have come up with the bright idea of WIP updates, excerpts of Manuscripts, book reviews,  recaps of my week in writing, funny episodes and, and and. Oh dear, why am I doing this again?

So, watch out, be warned and keep an eye on the Nuthouse. There isn't much there yet, but give us time, give us time......


  1. I expect an email every monday afternoon . er JO! don't forget you are Tuesday. At which point I will freak out and think OMG Trust in Tuesday... no don't wait til funky funday freaky fabulous friday.
    Good Times froll we are on...
    Who decided tomorrow we start/ And its tuesday??? Grr
    Roll on friday
    and dont forget email mondays

  2. Yeah!! This is very exciting. I can't wait to see what you'll be up to on Friday.