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Interview with Raven McAllen

I am delighted to have Raven McAllen on my blog today. Raven’s debut novel Wallflowers don’t wilt is available from Breathless Press on October 7th


Ivo Daranton is bored.  What he sees in a busy ballroom soon removes the boredom and replaces it with the thrill of the chase.
His quarry? Serena and Arabella, Sappho following, pinky linking, more than just friends. About to set up their unconventional household, they are-to both their surprise-interested and intrigued by his suggestion.
Although they had not thought they were inclined to include a man in their lives, Ivo decides they are wrong, a man is needed and that man is him.
How he persuades them to give him-and his idea-a chance, or rather how the ladies encourage him to persuade them, is as unconventional as the life they intend to lead.

Say Hi Raven J

Hi everyone, it’s great to be invited. Thanks Doris.

So, tell me, what made you write ‘this’ story?

Would you believe me if I said I wrote it as a dare? I belong to a great crit group, Up and Coming Writers. We were chatting on line one day about what we could write, and I muttered something along the lines of  “I fancy writing a menage. Two women and a man “ And added, “But in regency times.” And laughed. Nobody laughed back, instead I got ‘Go on then, dare you!’ So I did. And then they nagged and bullied me until I sent it off. We all support each other, and push and praise when it is needed. It really would not have been written without them.

Does your cover reflect the book? To me it speaks volumes of what may be going on inside! ;-)

I love my cover. It hints teases and tantalises- and definitely reflects the book.… I just love his eyes.

Describe a typical day’s writing for us

It can literally start anytime after midnight. Or does that count as the day before? Anyway, If it is before 8 am I will be in …Pj’s Ski socks ( hey I live in Scotland and it gets cold) thick jumper and a cat or two on my legs. After 8am I am generally dressed. What the well dressed writer wears eh? In summer, anything (almost goes.)  On our one hot day it was bikini, laptop hidden under an umbrella and flip flops. In the winter many many layers and fingerless gloves. I have to type in short sessions or I lose the feeling in my hands and arms so, Type... Coffee... Type... Put dishwasher on..Coffee.... Type...iron...Cup of tea...Type, remember I’ve forgotten to post a letter, quick dash to the village etc etc... Oh and in between all this Chat to group on FB and procrastinate as much as possible. Realise it’s way past lunch time, go for a walk with a friend and her dogs... type...Realise OH will be home soon so a quick tidy Note I say type NOT type WIP, or edits or .. Well you get the picture.,.

What inspires you?

Anything and everything. I have a murky mind full of uncordinated facts. Ask my fellow crit group members, and hear them groan...

If you weren’t a writer what would you be?


Do your characters ever surprise you?

All the time. We fight on a regular basis.…they usually win.

What could not do without when you’re writing?

Coffee, chocolate, ahem wine (only in the evening )….and regular moans to my crit  group especially my lovely helpful ‘ok let’s see what that synopsis says and I’ll sort it’ partner and friend. Oh and regular grandchildren pictures.

What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

Write as you CAN, not as you think you should.
Find a good crit group and don’t give up.
Perhaps I aught to add, and grow a thick skin.

Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

On a beach, somewhere hot, cocktail on one side, long suffering husband on the other, and a laptop that can float, be seen and used in the sun, on my lap! Well I can dream can't I?

Do you have a favourite quote?

Build a bridge and get over it!

What other books can your readers look forward to?

To Please A Lady is out on January 6th, also from Breathless Press.
I also have a couple more I hope to be able to give more details of in a week or two, and two more out for consideration. Lots of nail biting and in-box stalking.
I've also just had the exciting news that my  young adult shifter novel, which my 14 year old advisor says is great, has been accepted by Lycaon Press. Not only that, they want the other three in the series, so I am over the moon. So Look out for Discovered, The first book in The Shalean Moon series.

And finally can you share an excerpt  from Wallflowers Don't Wilt with us?

 OH Yes! My pleasure!

             "So, Ivo." There was a saucy smile on Arabella's face, matched by the one on Serena's, as they both faced him, seemingly now wide awake. "Just what is making your breeches stand up so?"
Minx. In fact, minxes. Plural. They knew much more than any well-bred young lady should.
"My cock. Desirous of attention. Preferably inside one of you." He looked to see their reaction. No maiden modesty there. Yet another look exchanged between them. He wished he could interpret the meaning. He had a lot to learn, he mused, and was sure considerable enjoyment would prevail as he did so.
"We need to try before we buy. Or, in this case, see before we agree." Serena laughed audaciously. "Lud, I am a poet. So, Ivo, the choice is yours: do we see this excitable appendage? Touch? Perchance taste? For we have no need of its uses unless we so decide."
This was something they had discussed in length before they decided to take it upon themselves to speak to him in such an unconventional manner. Perfectly happy until that evening, his request had reawakened ideas both had discussed and discarded many years earlier. However, neither chose to agree or admit to anything that may spoil their future life without due consideration. Seeing what could be on offer not only filled those criteria, but as Bella has so succinctly put to Serena, "If we choose to go no further, we will be in the envious position of perusing a man's protuberance in all its supposed glory."
"Bella?" He turned for her response, his hands already poised to open the placket on his breeches.
"Oh, Ivo, I am in agreement. We hear about this part of a male and are told it is something we as ladies of the ton have no necessity to bother with, for it will only disturb us when it has a yearning to procreate." She wrinkled her nose. "Such a waste if it can only bring us delights we have never felt a need for. Therefore, we need to know what, where, and how we will be involved with your cock. We need to see how, without us, it serves you."
They intended to make him work for their cooperation then? He liked the idea. He had to come or explode, so why not come with them watching?

Thank you for stopping by Raven Can’t wait to read your book .

You’re welcome. Thank you for asking me. J

Find Raven  here


  1. I think we should have a huge Countdown clock for your release Raven, it's so eagerly awaited. I'll sing the theme tune - de dee, de dee, de dee de dee POW!

  2. LOL Karina, that sounded just like it!!

    Fab interview, Raven, and i loved your advice to new writers. I should really listen to you more... ;D lol

    Looking forward to Wallflowers releasing!


  3. Love the interview! Looking forward to the book!!!!