Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It's nice, but...

You know you're writing something and you're just not feeling it, but you can't quite put your finger on what's wrong. Or as I like to say you can't see the wood for the trees!

Well this happened to me this week. I received my second edits for Awakening and my editor wanted me to make two major changes, one in the middle and one at the end. The middle one was relatively easy, but the ending kind of eluded me. It *was* rushed, because I ran out of words in an effort to keep the story under 10K as it was originally aimed at the anthology.

Funny thing is, now that it's going to be released as single title it needs to be over 10K...


Anyways, I came up with the idea to add another chapter. All well and good but I lost the connection to my characters, or rather the intensity of the story.

"I like it, but..." was one comment I got from my crit group. She went on to say, she was expecting more of an intense, immediate connection and as we're chatting it came to me. I abandoned the new chapter and simply expanded on the old one. The fingers were flying and I ended up with a new ending that I absolutely love.

Let's hope my editor likes it too. Awakening is back in her hands.

And I am biding my time, cause I am expecting the edits for Scandinavian Scandal to land in my inbox any day now, to be followed by more for Awakening and then Lure of the Blood...

Whose crazy idea was it to have three books coming out at the same time?  ;-)

Am I loving it? You bet I am. Can't wait to see my covers and what the polished books will end up like. It's a steep learning curve for me, that's for sure and an exercise in patience, as I wait for the edits and then do my mad derwish impression trying to get them done.


So, If I go a bit quiet on here, think of me in my editing cave, hiding from the kids, pulling my hair out and banging my head on the desk.

"How did I miss that!"

Hurray for editors, is all I can say, even if I sometimes think, "Really? You want me to do that?"

*scratches head*


By the way, I hope you're enjoying my guest bloggers, more fabulous peeps to come :-)


  1. i enjoy ALL your work Doris, and loved being a guest here. what a busy month November will be, i'm saving up to buy and have a D O'C read-a thon.

  2. Ah, bless you, was great to have you here :-D and thanks x

  3. LOL. I felt the same thing with JML. It's nice but...
    It lacked the emotional and sexual intensity I like. So I've parked it.

    Anyway, who says the life of a writer/author is easy but like you I'm loving it. Big time. :o))