Friday, 11 November 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

This weekend's twelve are another little teaser from Lure Of The Blood.

Marnie's decision to finance her law degree by pole dancing awakens her latent sexuality and the mysterious stranger lurking in the shadows sends her libido into overdrive. Attacked on the way home, she wakes up the next morning covered in bruises and with no recollection of what happened. The newspapers are full of a suspected animal attack and Marnie finds herself in her very own Twilight Zone.

Realising her sexy lurker is a vampire is bad enough, but her boss is the alpha wolf of a pack of shifters? Torn between her attraction to both men and surrounded by danger, she has a decision to make, that will change her life forever.

My twelve

    A ruthless determination emanated from the man carrying her up the stairs, three at a time, as easily as though she weighed no more than a feather. His heartbeat thundered in her ear as erratically as her own and his arms tightened around her, when she wriggled closer into the warmth of his skin, not able to stop her instinctive need to lick his chest.
   The scent and very essence of Ion exploded on her tongue. Need slamming into her, all thoughts of injuries fled her befuddled brain, when Ion pinned her against the wall, the minute they reached the safety of the bedroom.
   He slid her down his naked body with infinite slowness and they groaned in unison when his rock-hard erection made brief contact with her groin on the way down. Marnie couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. She was locked in the prison of Ion’s arms, every cell in her body craving his touch. Her knees buckled when he sniffed her neck, inhaling deeply. One of his thighs, between her legs, stopped her descent and his wolf’s grumble vibrated through her, causing more moisture to seep through her soaked thong. He had to feel that! Heat rose in her cheeks, even as his cock seemed to grow bigger still, a hard shaft against her belly, setting her skin alight where it touched through the thin barrier of her summer dress.
   Ion’s barely controlled growl in her ear was the most arousing sound she had ever heard. 

Lure of the Blood will be released by Evernight Publishing on November 16th  

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I hope you enjoyed my twelve.

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Have a fabulous weekend everyone :-) 


  1. Wow, what a scorcher, love the excerpt Doris. And now you've got me all hot and bothered first thing on a Friday morning!

  2. *giggles at Heidi* It's nippy outside, it's good to get warm ;-)

  3. Very Very Hot!! I cant wait to read this...soio excited!

  4. that was really hot and beautifully written. well done.

  5. Goodness! Whew- what a scene! Love the description- slamming against the wall... using all the senses- WOW- love it

  6. Thanks Kellie, Liz and Open book, your comments put a huge smile on my face :-)

  7. Ooohhhh It sounds exciting. I can't wait to read. I love vampires and shifters.