Friday, 18 November 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

Hello everyone, hope you had a fabulous week!

Having just celebrated the release of Lure of the Blood, I'm pleased to say that today's Dirty Dozen comes from my Erotic Romance Scandinavian Scandal, which releases on Monday 21st November through Noble Romance

I know, I know, release central around these parts!


To celebrate my new release I am giving away a copy to one lucky commenter again and there is also a chance to win a copy by 'liking' my Facebook page

BLURB:  Sven Larsson, international movie star, is out to repair his scandalous reputation. The last thing he needs is for an enticing bundle of curves to fall into his arms, making his libido sit up and growl Come to Papa. However, the instant sexual chemistry between them is hard to ignore…
Sylvia, young widowed mum of three, knows Sven is everything she doesn’t need in a man. Can she risk giving in to temptation and enjoy the no strings sex on offer?
With the paparazzi breathing down their necks and both of them scarred emotionally by their past demons, will they manage to heal each other...

My twelve

"Trust me?"
Did she trust him? Now that was one hell of a question. The tenseness of his arms matched the tremor in his voice.
"Baby? We won't do anything you don't want to do, I can promise you that. I can call George back right now if you've changed your mind."
The heat of his body surrounded her like a physical caress, stoking the fire in her belly to flashpoint as he waited for her answer. Everything seemed to be heightened in those few moments. The sounds of the water, the creaking of ropes, the breeze lifting the hem of her skirt, Sven's heavy breathing, as his hands skimmed across her back and up to her neck tilting her head up. Feather light kisses whispered across her face and his warmth surrounded her. The only place their bodies touched was his hands and his lips on her skin as he murmured in Swedish in-between kisses, and she couldn't help the sigh of delicious anticipation as her body relaxed into the sensations assaulting her.

I hope you enjoyed my twelve.

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Have a great weekend :-) 


  1. SVEN ... even the name brings shivers down my spine and er well... you know (blushes). I'm willing to let y'all have a wee peek at him, but so long as you remember, apart from Sylvia... SVEN — IS — M.I.N.E. okay? thank you.. now you may all swoon, drool and fan yourself along with me. ah Sven, Sven, Sven ... off for a cold drink and a lie down!

  2. michelle handyside18 November 2011 at 12:42

    WOW! How can I get me one of those kind of men, what they can reduce you to before they do anything!!! That's what women really want, can we make this essential reading for all blokes so we can get what we deserve???

  3. You're such a tease Ms. O'Connor :D

  4. Sounds great!

    Congrats on the release

  5. Raven, just LOL! What more can I say ;-)

    Michelle,I believe that's why we write them, eh :-)

    Karina, of course I am. It's all about the anticipation, you know! ;-)

    Rawiya, thank you :-D

  6. I'm very tempted to get a kindle or the like just so I can ease my curiousity about what happens with Sven you know!

  7. LOL Ruth! You can download a free Kindle app for the pc or smartphone if you have one :-)