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Guest blog and Giveaway by Raven McAllan - Riding Ryder

I am delighted to have Raven McAllan on my blog again today for the release of her latest story Riding Ryder. A very hot m/m. But don't just take my word for it.

There is another Doris on this blog today - I know, scary, right...


 Well hello, Now I hope I'm not going to get you all confused, but there are two Doris's here today.
The Doris, who has kindly invited me to come by and chat, and me. (Well I think she'd have preferred Caleb or Logan, but she's got me—hey they have a lot to sort out. Me all I've got to sort out is how to make my blasted brother let me show how good I'd be as a Dom.)
So here I am. Me, Doris from Riding Ryder.
 Now Ryder? That’s Caleb.  I suppose to some people if I say he's a sex therapist, they'd get the wrong idea. It's difficult to describe what he actually does. Helps people to fulfill their sexuality I guess. To their full potential, in whichever way he has to.
And that telling phrase…'in whichever way he has to' was the thing I worried about when he and Logan got together.
Yeah, Logan was sure he could cope, sort of knowing what Cal had been up to, even if it was his vocation. Me? I wasn't so sure.
I guess this love is scary and you need to step out of your comfort zone, is one of the reasons I don't go in for it.
 I love Caleb, as a brother, and well now I feel like that about Logan as well, and to see them… well I'm not going to say any more now… I don’t want to get into trouble, and I want you to read the book and you decide what you think.
All I will say; is how men do like to complicate life.
Anyway, our ghost writer (I called her that, waved my whip over her head and she nodded…I think in agreement.) Raven, says I can leave you a snippet and say there's a copy of my brother and Logan's story, if you comment and—she always has to complicate things— follow her blog and Doris's (this Doris not me, I don't blog, I'm trying too hard to be D the D you understand), for one lucky commenter/ follower.

When Caleb met Logan, the attraction was instantaneous and reciprocal. Logan was sure he could cope with Cal's job, until reality kicked in.

Caleb Ryder has a vocation, one he knows he has to follow. When he falls for Logan that job gets in the way. How can his soul mate accept that the job he loves involves sex, both hand on and off?
Logan is sure he can cope, but will reality prove too much? Can Caleb give up his life's work for love, or would that truly be the end of their relationship?

Sorry, just GOT to ask Doris to put the pic in again here… I love my brother and his…


“Two girls.” Caleb said gently. “Two girls, last night. I can still see you wondering, and I know you won’t ask.” He moved his hands gently back and forth over Logan’s back. “Newly out, new to each other and making love with a female partner. And scared shitless they’ll do something wrong. So they’re tense, then of course, nothing is right. But they’ll get there; it’ll just take time, love, and caring. They’ve got all that. I’m just showing them how they do it physically.” He moved his hands to Logan’s dick, and then raised an eyebrow in query. “You going to come for me, Lo- gan? Let me fist you, make you come, shoot all over my hands while you finger-fuck my ass? Then let me show you how you can make me come?”
Logan, his eyes misty with emotion, nodded and took hold of his cock firmly in one hand and reached for Caleb with the other. “Here, with my love. Both of us or neither,” he said firmly. “I’ll enjoy finger-fucking you while you fuck me, and we can both come together like this.” His fingers scissored and moved inside Caleb, as his other hand began to rub Caleb’s cock. Caleb picked up the rhythm and matched it with his hand on Logan’s dick. The result was instantaneous and overwhelming. Two voices shouted out their completion as two hot, wet, streams of cum erupted all over both their hands.
They made it to breakfast just half an hour before Caleb had to leave to see Kiri and Rena.
“I hope you don’t need to do anything that will give you indigestion,” Logan said wickedly. “Too much exercise on a full stomach is not good for you.”
Caleb laughed, relieved to see Logan could make a joke about something that affected him so profoundly.
“Hopefully, I’ll be needed in tutor mode only. No hands-on required. So I can sit on my ass and let my food digest.”
“You’d better, bro.” Doris had entered the room, enjoying the banter between the two men. “But if not, the indigestion tablets are in the first-aid cabinet.” She laughed as both men leaned over and kissed her.
“Right, I need to go.” Caleb stood up and pushed his chair back from the table. “I should be back for lunch about one, then I’ll start running through the office stuff, if you fancy.” He looked at Logan, who nodded.
 “No prob.” Logan watched as after a toe-curling kiss, Caleb left the room. He sighed.
“Survived your first night, did you?” Doris asked. “He get called out?”
He nodded. “Yup. I nearly blew it. Luckily, he has faith in me, and by God, D, I’m going to try to live up to it. At least I man- aged not to ask who he’d gone to or what he did, but it was a close thing.” He paused. “Then this morning he gave me the compliment of telling me a little. No names, not what he did, just why he was needed. I felt ten feet tall.”
She smiled at him, and he saw the sympathy in her eyes for his plight. “Going okay so far, then. What will you do if he does tell you what he’s done, and it’s something you don’t like, some- thing you’re jealous of, or feel threatened by? What will you do then?”
He shook his head, showing his frustration with the thought. “Kick the cat?”
“We don’t have a cat.”
“Yeah, kick myself then. Or get rip-roaring drunk. God, D, I don’t know. I just do not know.”

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  1. Excellent and so looking forward to the book!!

  2. thank you both so much. Doris ( not this one the other one) and I had a blast deciding just which snippet to give you, and I loved writing this story.