Friday, 4 May 2012

Is it hunting season?

Forgive the ignorant townie question, but is it?

We walked on the school run today, having used the car all week, because it's been torrential downpour - wonder whether we should build an ark - week here. And yes, okay, I was lazy ;-)
But hubby has the car on Fridays, so no choice but to walk. The four year old has no nursery today, hence we're walking back from dropping the girls off at a snails pace, chattering away as you do.

Despite the drizzle it was quite enjoyable, seeing the world through his eyes, as he points out the worm on the floor, the water in the stream, the blossoms on the tree etc. All quite nice until we leave the park, having negotiated the huge puddle in the alleyway for the second time today. 
"Do you think sharks live in there, Mummy?"


Fortunately what follows next said four year old missed, as he was looking the other way, but...

Waiting to cross the road I noticed a raven had just caught a pigeon, claws in its wings, he's hacking away at the poor thing's neck. I'm no fan of pigeons, but the pigeon was still alive at that point. We cross the road and the raven picks the now dead pigeon up and flies over to the other side, drops it and attacks it again. Made me feel quite queasy, I tell you. Thankfully my four year old is still oblivious. Phew!

He's very sensitive and I wouldn't have fancied having to explain that one. However, we turn the corner and what happens. Another blooming Raven is in full attack mode chasing after another pigeon.

Really? Twice in minutes? Fascinating aerial display aside, am I missing something? Hence my question.

*ducks head and checks skies warily for any more ravens*

We do get a lot of ravens around these parts, as well as sea gulls (why would you get sea gulls in the middle of town- that's another question I always ponder to myself) and we quite regularly encounter urban foxes, but I'm not usually reminded of nature's pecking order that forcefully.

Anyways, onto a happier kinds of hunting. If you like your bargains then you'll be pleased to hear that my sexy fire fighter Alex from Too Hot To Handle (Book One of The Giovanni) is still only 99c on and just 77p on

Quite a bargain for a 60K book :-)

It won't be that price for much longer, so do grab your copy. Alex's cousin Marco is coming on Monday!

Marco Giovanni has shut off his emotions, following a messy divorce. His small daughter and his chain of bakeries are all he needs in his life. The string of nannies are an unfortunate necessity he could well do without. So why does his body have to remember its needs now with the latest and most unsuitable nanny ever?

Elise has always been the responsible one, so when she receives yet another SOS phone call from her wayward twin, she does the only thing she can do, she steps into her shoes. Having to go back to nannying is hard enough, the unexpected attraction to her arrogant employer impossible to deal with. Especially when she is forced to agree to a marriage of his convenience to pay off the debt her twin accrued.

In a marriage based on blackmail can passion turn into love, or will secrets and lies destroy all?

Click on the cover to read an excerpt

You sort of meet Marco in Too Hot To Handle, he's the father of the newest addition to the Giovanni Clan at the time, newborn Mimi. 
Too Cold To Love is set about eighteen months later, and as well as Marco's story you get a sneak view at Alex and Kitty, Stella, Francesca and the next cousin, Giorgio. A bit of a bad boy, whose story will be told in book three...

So, if you haven't caught up with the Giovanni yet, now is your chance :-) Each story stands on its own, of course, but they're best read in sequence.

And whilst we're talking reading material for the weekend, I'm on a bit of Mini Blog Tour for Riding Her Tiger, which released on Tuesday.

Today I'm with the hugely talented Adonis Devereux and I'm giving away a copy of this novella to one lucky commenter.

So, just in case it is indeed hunting season, go bargain hunt ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. we get a very special Raven up here as well *wink* one who LOVES your work!!!

  2. Yes, there are a few 'Ravens' about. ;) LOL