Monday, 7 May 2012

Release day and GIVEAWAY with Raven McAllan

The delightful Raven and me have swapped blogs today, cause as luck would have it, it's release day for both of us!

*joins hands with Raven and dances like a loon*

So the formidable Stella Giovanni is visiting Raven's blog here.

And we are very lucky to have Raven's latest hero Sael with us. Who knew devils could be so sexy? Take it away, Sael.


Now why would you want to know more about your devils? Were you never told about them when you were a babe in arms? Never learned just how important they were?
Ahh humans are terrible. Because without us… Well, not to put a finer point on it, you would be screwed. And not in a good way. Not in a get stuck in and fuck me way. Oh no not like that. In a mad, bad, and sucky shit sort of way.
 You all need to find your devil within. (Or, oh dear, your inner devil)
My name is Sael and I belong to Livvy. But I could belong to each and every one of you, if you chose to comment. Livvy says okay, she will share. Temporarily. (and well, she is hard, shit scary and soft and well, okay I love her to bits.)
She told me to warm you. Say to tell you to find who is inside you. See if you want to release them or squash them good and proper.
But whichever, beware. Beware and be ready. Because whoever or whatever they will be waiting!
And now she's told me to show you just what she means… Ahhh I love my Livvy….

For the last year she'd woken up at least once a night like this, wet, clit thrumming, demanding attention and making her reach for her purple friend.
The damn vibrator was overworked, she thought gloomily, as she switched it on and began to play. All she wanted was to know was why she woke night after night in this state, sweating, grasping for something, almost with the knowledge of... of what?
It took mere seconds for her to come, sobbing and throbbing she thought as she wiped her tears. This seems to be my state at the moment. Why can't I remember?
She looked down at her chest and stomach. Even more freckles—well that's what she called them—had appeared. Every time. Every time she had the dream, she'd look and see.
I'll soon have the map of Australia on me in freckles, she thought as she got out of bed and went into the bathroom to shower and wash Freddie as she called her purple friend.
'Not Australia Livvy. Saffaul, my home. I'm waiting.'
Shit now I'm having conversations with my mind. In a different voice. Livvy, you need a holiday. Or sex. Wide-awake and participating sex. With a hot bod, not a hot rod!
'Hey Liv, I'm both. Are you ready for this yet? I've been waiting for you.'
She really was going to have to stop eating cheese before she went to bed. Maybe start drinking cocoa instead! The thought made her feel sick.
'Hell no. You feel like that because it's me you want to eat and drink. Eat my cock, drink my cum, milk me and make me shout. You do that every time my love. You just need to believe it. Then we can be together in our reality. You know you want me;
your body shows me. In the recess of your soul, you think of me. Look, see my marks and believe Livvy. You need to believe. Or pay the price.'
"Oh shit. Stop this. Get out of my head. Argh stop this, right now. Hell now I'm talking out loud to myself." Screwy. Seriously screwed. What next? Asking where Saffaul is? Or who owns that deep, dark and demonic voice I'm answering? Fuck. Grow up Liv. Get up, get out, and get a life.

Poor Livvy, and that was just the beginning. I pushed her, shoved her and by god made her face up to everything.
 It wasn't just her life…It was mine!

So what do you think?

 Livvy and Raven have decided one lucky commenter will find out just what happens if they comment…


  1. This is one I am looking forward to reading and getting to know Sael!

  2. Congratulations to both Raven and D on a double release!

  3. Wow! *fans self* consider me intrigued! Congrats to both of you for release day :)

  4. This sounds like a good, mysterious story. I would love to find out more about exactly what Sael is and how Livvy ends up with him.

  5. So....what happens if I leave a comment? I loved the excerpt. I want what Livvy has!
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  6. I need to know what happens next.


  7. congratulations on the book. i love the cover, it's beautiful and the excerpt was wonderful. i can hardly wait to see what happens next.

    tammy ramey

  8. Gorgeous cover, Raven. And congrats on the release :)

  9. thank you all for your kind comments,I must say the story intrigued me from the minute Sael popped into my mind and said I had to write it

  10. HOT stuff Doris! I am well and truly intrigued! Well done to both you and Raven on your new releases! x

  11. Thanks everyone for commenting. Raven and Livvy will pick a winner soon :-)

  12. Hi all, I was so blown away by these comments I'm giving two copies away. Chosen by Kiru and Tammy your pdf is in your emails .
    Thank you everyone for commenting!

    1. Thanks again for being here, Raven, and for being so generous. Congratulations to the winners :-D