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Where two Doms collide - Guest blog with Raven McAllan #freeread

I have a special  treat for you today, as the formidable Raven is back with two of her new releases, and one of them is FREE. Yes, you read that right. Today sees the release of her Free Read, Where There's A Will. And she's also got another yummy Regency story coming tomorrow.

I'll let her tell you about it.


Hey D, thanks for letting me visit, with two very hot men. Can I have a glass of water and a fan please?

*slides across a cool, tall glass and turns fan on full.*

Where two Doms collide…er collaborate…er chat…oh help!

They're staring at me. Glaring even. "Look boys er sirs, I wasn't mocking you honestly. I er respect you and your er superiority. I got dressed up in this garb didn't I?"

 (I'm wearing a rather gorgeous muslin dress and not much else. If they ask me to do a twirl I'll die, you can see through it! Damn these regency fashions.)

Slowly each of them nods.

(Phew, I'm wiping my hands down the side of said dress. If you have two sets of piercing eyes on you, you'd have clammy hands as well. They have a way of looking into your soul and knowing exactly what you're thinking. Scary stuff.)

"So, would you be so kind to introduce yourselves and tell the readers a little bit about your stories?"

(The silence makes me want to squirm. I feel like a butterfly pinned out and on display—all of me. No please don't make me do a twirl.)

"I'm Will. My story is called Where There's A Will."

 I wait… he just smiles. Right then.

Strangely the silence isn't intimidating, I feel sort of cherished.

"Hello, I'm Charlie, you've told my secrets in The Best Man Bridesmaid. That was quite a surprise I can tell you. However my lovely lady was very pleased how you interpreted our story. Lucky for you."

(He smiles and I melt) They really are two handsome guys. Pity they're spoken for.)

I realize they are both looking at me expectantly. Hmm yes, I'm supposed to be asking questions, not slumped in a heap of drool. Yuk that sounds terrible, but believe me; it's not. I could look at them all day—and night.

" So, er Will what made you act the way you did?" Oh my. He stroked my arm and the tingles went all the way through me. It's a pity I'm not what he wants.

"I'm a Dom. I want to be the best I can."

(Charlie nods in agreement) "It's your duty to make sure your partner is happy contented and fulfilled."

"And stretched." (That was Will)

"Ah." The pictures that conjures up are X-rated. I'm covering my boobs with my arms.  To use a phrase of my mum's. My nipples are standing out like chapel hat pegs. Of course they notice.
"Your face is the color I'd like to make your arse. If I was that way inclined." (That was Will. Charlie laughed, the bugger.)

"I'd oblige but Caroline would cut my balls off with her sewing scissors." I noticed his hands strayed to his cock and covered it. Ah men are such wimps! (I didn't say that out loud you understand, or think it for long. I wouldn't put it past them to read my mind. These Regency guys might not seem as up to scratch as the guys of today, but I tell ya…Scary is an understatement! Maybe it's because they seem to concentrate on you more? Anyway gotta give my attention to them.)

"So, you're both broad thinking Regency gentlemen? (That seems innocuous enough.)

(They exchanged faint smiles.)

"Oh very," That was Will.

"Definitely." That was Charlie. "We're lucky in that we have the wherewithal to ignore what we don’t want to acknowledge, and enjoy what we want to."

"And to participate in things that appeal to us." Will was silent for a second. I was worried by the anguish that flickered over his face. Then he smiled. "Of course, I'm lucky, I have people prepared to let me love my lover. Others aren't as lucky."

I don't push my luck and ask him to explain. Instead I look at Charlie. He nods. "It's a fact that money aids you, but the help and support of friends and family aids one even more."

They seem to go off in their minds somewhere, although I can see both of them are very happy.

Suddenly Charlie pulls out his fob watch, and nods. "Well I must be off, can I give you a lift?" Sadly he's looking at Will not me. Will smiles.
"Yes please." He bows to me and kisses my hand. Ah that man, pity he doesn't like women in that way.
 Charlie does likewise, and I'm struck by the fact all the hot men are taken! Dammit!

So I watch them leave, but they've both left blurbs, book covers and extracts for me to drool over. And nice person that I am, I'm sharing…


When William Lord Barlow gets lost in a snowstorm he dos not expect his rescuer to ambush him in the stable, even if his tormentor seems familiar.
Blindfolded and helpless, he soon realizes that the only way out is to submit. Will The Dom manage to turn into a sub for one night?

And a tease…
The sharp pleasure pain, as the probing finger pushed hard into his arse-hole made him gasp and writhe. The pain left him so fast he had no time to wonder if it was always thus. A sense of weightlessness, of euphoria and desire to please and give everything he was capable of took over his mind, and he arched into that probe, demanding, nay begging for more.
His lover obliged, with another finger stretching and filling him, before they pulled out, leaving him empty and wanting.
He had no time to dwell on that emotion, however. Sweet lord a tongue licked and nibbled the sensitive skin that stretched between his balls and anus. Never before had he been the recipient of such overwhelming joy. Damn, I wish I could see this, see his face as he rims and makes me hover on the edge.
It seemed his wishes were answered, as his blindfold was removed, and his other shackle released.
Wise now to what would follow, he remained silent, and still, head bowed, not chancing even one small glance in the direction of his Dom without express permission. The situation had his nerves on a knife-edge, his body primed and ready to spring into action, and his teeth hard on his tongue to stop him uttering any unbidden words.
"That is good. You learn fast. I'm going to lift your shift over your head; you need to be naked for our enjoyment. Do not move until I relay your next command. I think you need to see your punishment, Will. Do you agree?"
"Yes sir, thank you, sir." Again he relished the chance to hear those words, usually uttered from his lips, and to be able to give the responses he would habitually demand.
"Stand, head bowed, and do not look at me until I command you to. Take your cock and stroke it. Show me how it weeps for attention."
That was one of the easier commands; eagerly he took his rampant cock in between his fingers and pumped. From under his lashes he saw an elegant hand appear and touch his nipple.
Busy fingers played, and a sharp pain, one so swift and sudden it made him gasp, circled and hit his tiny nub.
It stiffened and hardened as the silken thread around it tightened and bit.
Will concentrated on relaxing, and he waited for a similar sensation to assail his other nipple. However it seemed he had trained his lover well, for he waited in vain. Nothing happened. Instead his neck was nipped and sucked in such a way that his skin would be tattooed with a rich red mark for weeks to come.
"Now, Will, it's time to be punished for your transgressions. You will not speak, you will do as I tell you, and you will only come on my command. Do not move your hands, do not look up, or lift your head. Nod if you agree, speak your safe word if you do not."
He nodded.
Download it here:
And From The Best Man's Bridesmaid

…here's the blurb

Discovering your fiancé is not who you thought she was brings unexpected delights.
Charlie, Lord Lampson was resigned to marry the dowdy fiancé he remembered. However, the woman he meets at his best friend's wedding is anything but dowdy.
Caroline has led a secret life and she has no intention of making it easy for Charlie.
They have met in her other persona. When Charlie discovers the truth, will it be happy ever after or the scandal of the season?

And the tease…
Open carriages. It's March not June. And it's bloody freezing." In his agitation, he forgot that he was addressing a lady, and had hoped for an open carriage to contain his ardor.  But in this weather? "Thank God for the rug. Or my balls would freeze off. And your nipples are so standing out so stiffly, if I tou...Oh b... I mean ... " he trailed off before causing any more offence than he thought he must already have.  Instead he tucked the rug around her legs. To his amazement she just laughed and rearranged it to cover both of them from the waist down.
"It still won't stop my nipples from standing out so stiffly," she remarked as she took hold of his hand under the cover. "Though as you can't touch them, they will neither warm up or be tweaked off." She chuckled. "Oh Charlie, you should see your face. Have I shocked you?"
He smiled. "Not at all, my dear. Pleased, surprised, happy and amazed, but not at all shocked. . You obviously have hidden depths. I look forward to discovering what you will say or do next."
"Oh, I'm so glad you said that." Her hand, soft and somewhat chilled squeezed his. "But I feel I must reassure you that whatever I seem to know there has only been, and will only ever be you for me, or in me." She released the hand that she had put in his, and waved with her hand still above the rug to the cheering crowd standing on the side of the street. As the carriage drove around a corner he felt her use her nimble fingers on the placket on his pantaloons.
Charlie found it hard to contain his pleasure. Was this really the same girl he had become engaged to? This sexy, sensual, arousing, vivacious creature, with glorious auburn tresses reaching to her waist, and a glowing clear complexion and? Her green eyes twinkled with mischief as she stared up at him. As she undid his buttons—where on earth had she learned how to do that so deftly, so swiftly, and with only one hand—she smirked and almost as an afterthought allowed his throbbing prick to spring free of its confines. His head swam. What was that she had been saying about only ever been his? He couldn't think straight.
The Caroline he remembered had dull brown hair, a muddy complexion and had—would—never ever show any signs of vivacity. He shuddered, as her small hands began to stroke and caress his ever-hardening cock, and wondered if he really had tried to learn just who she was? He thought not. And then stopped thinking and just felt.

Will is with Evernight Publishing, so you can find him here …
Charlie and Caroline are here…
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