Wednesday, 19 March 2014

#MWTease Planet Alpha WIP

We're halfway through the week again, so it's time for the Mid Week Tease. As ever, thank you to Sandra Bunino for this meme.

I'm going to tease you with something new today. My muse can never resist a submission call, and from the minute I read about Evernight's Planet Alpha series, I knew I had to write a story for it. So without further ado I give you the start of my story.

This is completely unedited and subject to change.

It always started the same. The distant rumble of thunder, the gale force winds that shook the ramshackle building they called home. If you could call her mother's place of employment home, that was. Still, the brothel in the worst part of this human settlement left on a dwindling earth was the only home Gemini had ever known. As her beloved mum frequently told her nine year old self, the male species of any race had needs, and they would take what they wanted, so why not make them pay for it.
There were plenty that simply took, and from the minute Gemini could hold a hunting knife and then the old fashioned revolver that used to be her father's, her mother had taught her how to use them to defend herself.
Theirs was a life lived on the edge, always waiting for the next land slide, the next earthquake to force their settlement to move again, or heaven forbid, a raid by either the Alphans or the Xyrans.
Gemini's instructions were clear. Find somewhere to hide and do not come out no matter what happens. As the earth shook and female screams filled the air, a half asleep Gemini hid under the bed. This wasn't just the earth's crusts realigning. A fierce battle raged outside, and judging by the guttural shouts of men, the heavy stomp of boots, and the giant shadows falling across her hiding place as the front of the building lifted away, one the settlement had lost.
Gemini lost the grip on the ancient revolver, as a creature jumped into her room.
Eyes the color of coal set in a face that seemed to blend into the air around it, as the humanoid lifted the bed, and he grinned down on her. Stood at almost the height of the ceiling, the Xyran inhaled deeply and Gemini shrieked when he grabbed her by the back of her night dress and lifted her up into the air. He laughed at her attempts to kick him, and Gemini grit her teeth and clutched the hilt of the knife, hidden in the folds of her night dress. The Xyran held her too far away from him to do any serious damage with her blade, and he shook her as Gemini might have done a beetle.
Bile rose in her throat and she screamed when his forked tongue licked her cheek.
"No, leave her alone, you bastard. She's just a child."
Her mother's shout drowned out Gemini's screaming, as the woman jumped on the Xyran's back. The glint of her knife was followed by the Xyran's roar of pain, and he dropped Gemini on the stone floor. Winded, she watched in horror as her mum's now lifeless body flew through the air, hit the opposite wall with a thickening thud, and slid to the floor.
Gemini screamed and dug her knife into the muscled thigh in front of her.
"You little bitch."
Rough hands grabbed her and the world went black as the ground shook anew.
Gem woke up panting for breath, a scream stuck in the back of her throat.   The nightmare reliving the night of her abduction had been too real.
 The ship lurched again as it hit the planet's atmosphere, and pitched her naked body against Zorran. He grunted in his sleep and flung one muscled arm over his forehead. Even in his sleep her Xyran owner, and the sole reason she hadn't been killed on that fateful night so long ago, looked coiled for action.  Her breathing slowed and her panic subsided like it always did in his presence. In his sleep, his skin had taken on the shade of the blue sheets, and Gem suppressed a giggle. He looked like an overgrown Smurf. One of her most treasured childhood possessions had been a dog eared book of the Smurfs, that her mum used to read from at bedtime. The memories quickly chased that blip of happiness away, and Gemini swiped the tears off her face.
Tears never helped anyone, let alone on Xyran. Seen as a weakness, they would only serve to increase any punishment due to her. On arriving at Xyran, Gemini had learnt very quickly to keep her emotions hidden—to never show joy or sadness. Either one would mean a beating from the woman Zorran had appointed to look after her.  The old crone was always careful to not hit where the bruises showed. Nonetheless, Zorran's infrequent visits had been the highlight of Gemini's stay on his home planet. As ridiculous as the notion was she felt safe with him, especially once she'd developed curves. The old crone's beatings had stopped then—one couldn't damage the merchandise after all—but torture of a different kind had started.
Gemini was physically still a virgin, but thanks to modern technology, she had been versed in all the arts of sexual seduction. A trained slave she would fetch a high prize on the open market.
Zorran had shown one of his rare bouts of emotions when he had found out. The old crone had vanished from sight, and Gemini suppressed a shiver at Zorran's remembered fury. He never did explain what happened to her, but Gemini had heard the rumors. One simply did not cross Zorran. It was never conducive to one's health, and it was the main reason they were even now hurtling through space.
Zorran had been afforded a special commendation from the ruling council for some feat in his war against the Alphans. Gemini wasn't privy to the particulars, and she really hadn't cared to know them. As his property she was expected to simply sit naked by his feet, and cater to his every whim. The other Xyrans had made her skin crawl, and she'd been only too glad to curl into Zorran's thickly muscled legs, close her eyes and pretend she was somewhere else.
More than once, Zorran had been offered an outrageous sum for her, and every time, Zorran's hold on her had tightened and he'd growled at the bidder.
"Mine, not for sale."
The way he said mine sent a shiver of need down her spine and a rush of moisture between her thighs, yet he had yet to touch her. Gemini sat up to study him. Safe in the knowledge that he was still fast asleep she let her gaze travel over his naked body.
As though he sensed her quiet perusal his skin color changed until it looked as though he was a deeply tanned human. However that's where the comparison to her own kind ended. His shoulder length white blond hair hung dead straight and framed an angular jaw that never needed shaving. Apart from his hair his body was entirely hairless and corded with thick muscle, that bunched and released in his sleep, as he moved his hand.
A whimper of feminine appreciation left Gemini when he used his large hand to grasp his cock. It hardened under his calloused fingers, and a drop of pre-cum appeared in the slit of his thick mushroom shaped head.
The air grew heavy with his spicy musk and Gemini used her own fingers to part her slick pussy lips and stroked herself in time to his hand on his dick.

Zorran grunted and mumbled in his sleep. Words that Gemini didn't catch, spoken as they were in his mother tongue, but her body reacted to the urgent need behind those words anyway. The movement of his hand grew faster, violent, almost, and his heavy balls drew tight up to his body, telling her close he was to his release. Gemini too rubbed faster and pumped the fingers of her free hand in and out of her desperately clenching cunt as she hurtled toward her orgasm.


As you might have guessed Zorran is a bit of an anti hero. He will admit to his feelings only kicking, screaming and grumbling, not least because he is in the process of taking her to his male, Alphan lover.


Oh yes, I'm intending on having fun with this story. 

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  1. haahahaha... intriguing teaser. I look forward to reading more about Zorran.

  2. I think this is completely warranted....You Tease!!!!! In all seriousness Doris, I was truly captivated by the places your imagination went to with this. Awesome-sauce :)

    1. Heheh, thank you, Carlene :-)

  3. This sounds great, Doris. I enjoyed it all the way the way through. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Awesome, Doris! I love the world you're building. You have a wickedly sexy imagination. Great tease!

  5. THIS. IS. AWESOME!!! Oh, I cannot WAIT to read this! Great stuff, Doris!