Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#MWTease from Planet Alpha WIP #mmf

Happy Hump Day, folks. I'm doing a little happy dance, because I've finished my Planet Alpha WIP, and once I get it back from my chief 'reditor', the awesome Raven McAllan it should be ready for submission.

Well, once I've fixed what she's pulled apart that is, cause she's a hard task master.


This is a mmf Sci-Fi menage and I shall tease you with a little hot mm action. Please excuse any mistakes.


"Let's take this somewhere more private, Zorran."
Ornack was all too aware of the heat of Zorran's body behind him. The way his hot gaze burned across his skin. By the time they reached the safety of his bedchamber, and he'd pulled the heavy lock across, he was hard enough to pound concrete.
Rough hands on his shoulders yanked him around, and then Zorran, back in his Xyran form, slammed him against the wall. Zorran's claws ran along his chest, and their teeth clashed in their haste to kiss, to devour each other in the effort to assuage the need flaring between them. A need, made ten times more potent by the female's residual scent still clinging to Zorran.
Ornack fisted his hands in his lover's hair, and deepened the kiss, as Zorran undid the heavy belt holding up his leggings and freed his rock hard cock.
Ornack threw his head back and hissed in pleasure. The firm hot fist closing around his dick was sweet torture, as was Zorran sucking one of his horns as though it was an ice cream cone.
"Fuck, stop this now. I want to spill inside your ass, Zorran."
Zorran grunted his agreement and yanked his clothes off with more haste than finesse. Together they tumbled across the room until they fell onto the fur covered bedstead dominating Ornack's chambers. Cocks grinding against each other, they left no part of each other untouched as they explored each other's bodies.
"It's been too fucking long, Zorran."
Ornack grunted the words, his mouth going dry with anticipation as Zorran grabbed the oil used for lighting the lanterns, and presented his ass.
"Stop talking and fuck me, Ornack."
His black eyes blazed with swirls of fire, and he ground his magnificent cock into the fur covering of Ornack's bed. His entire body taught with fierce need, it was covered in the fine sheen of perspiration. Like he had done countless times before Ornack slathered his cock and Zorran's clenching ass hole in generous amounts of oil, and then surged deep inside his lover's forbidden hole.
Zorran bucked back against him with enough force to shake the bed, as he pushed himself into the covers seeking his own release, while Ornack thrust into the tight confines of his ass. Zorrans's unique male scent mixed in with the sweet female musk left over on his skin, and it sent Ornack wild. His fangs descended further and he sunk his teeth into Zorran's shoulder. His bite sent the other man frantic, and he spilled his seed deep inside his lover's ass.
Zorran roared, and growled, and flung Ornack off him until he was on top. His rigid erection pressed against the skin between Ornack's balls and his ass. It left a wet stain behind, and Ornack lifted his ass and grasping his lover's dick aligned it with his anus. Zorran thrust into him in a blinding move of pain filled pleasure that prolonged the just dying embers of Ornack's receding orgasm. Two pumps inside his ass were all it took for Zorran, too, to reach his fulfilment. The Xyran collapsed on top of him with a strangled groan that turned into a deep rumble when Ornack licked the bite on Zorran's shoulder.
"One day, you'll bite me back, and complete our bond, Xyran."
Zorran snorted into Ornack's damp shoulder and Ornack groaned at the sensation of Zorran's fangs grating along his neck.
"In your dreams, Alphan."             
His softening cock slipped out Ornack's ass, and Zorran rolled off him. Panting they lay next to each other until they could catch their breath.
"You smell of her."
Zorran tensed next to him and avoided his gaze, when Ornack propped himself up on his elbow to better see his lover's face.
"And you know she's in love with you, right?"
"Bull shit."
Zorran jumped off the bed and Ornack allowed his gaze to roam freely over the body of the man he loved. There wasn't an ounce of fat on the Xyran's body, just smooth skin that covered muscles honed by years of fighting, and crossed with scars that spoke their own story. The one across the Xyran's cheek, disfiguring his otherwise perfect features, Ornack loved most of all. It's how they'd met after all. Zorran had protected a bunch of Alphan children from being slaughtered by a crazed Xyran, who'd turned on his comrade and sliced his face and chest open, as Zorran had shielded Ornack's son with his own body.
The Xyrans attack had been defeated, and as a thank you for saving his child's life Ornack had given the gravely wounded Xyran shelter and nursed him back to health. The attraction that had sprung up between them had been as unwelcome as it had been unexpected.

Ornack had long since accepted his feelings for the huge Xyran, and one day soon he would get the big lout to admit to his softer side.


Do check out the other fabulous authors set to tease you today. As ever, thank you to Sandra Bunino for hosting the Mid Week Tease :-)

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  1. Wow! This sounds like an awesome addition to the new Planet Alpha series. Good luck with the submission. I know we'll see it up on the "Coming Soon" page, well, soon! ;)

    Thanks for teasing, Doris!

    1. Oh, I hope so, Sandra :-) Am in full inbox stalking mode now ;-)

  2. I loved the tender ending after all the hot action. Great teaser.

  3. This is so good, so alien :-) Love it

  4. You had me at: "...he was hard enough to pound concrete." Need I say more? :) Loved it!