Sunday, 27 April 2014

#SexySnippets from The Mating Project (The Projects, 3) @evernightpub #mmf #shifter

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I bring you an emotional moment between Silas and Malachi.  It's the morning of Malachi's duel that will decide all their fates...

Honing in on the tumultuous emotions that coursed through his lover's soul, Silas eventually tracked him down by the rose garden. Hands held in a white knuckled grip on the railings of the charming gazebo, Malachi stared at the rising sun, and Silas was shocked to see the dried tears on his rugged features.
"How is our girl?" Malachi asked, his voice thick with emotion.
"Fast asleep. We've worn her out, man."
A brief smile lit up Malachi's face as he continued to stare at the horizon and the forest that edged toward the Anderson's property.

"It seems fitting that it will all end in the one place where I first met her, don’t you think?"

Being together could mean death to them all, but walking away is not an option…

Bloodlines need to be protected at all costs and as a true-blood cougar Maria is expected to mate with a council-approved shifter. Too bad the one chosen makes her skin crawl for all the wrong reasons.

But running away already landed her in hot water once before. Wolf shifter Malachi Luca saved her life ten years ago, and then promptly disappeared with her heart. So much for true love.

Now time is running out and Maria is feeling the strain. Seducing Professor Silas Deacon should be a welcome distraction except the human turns out to be her mate, too.

And that damn wolf—yeah he's back and determined to claim both his cat and his human. What's a girl to do? Fight for love and enjoy the awesome sex, of course.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, bondage, spanking, anal sex

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  1. Girl, you had me choking up. I could feel the well of emotions. Love it.

  2. This is incredibly touching. You packed a huge amount of emotion in to this little snippet. Love it.

  3. Heart clenching. I so have to read this book. Fab snippet, Doris. :-)

  4. What? Wait. It's all going to end? :-'( Fabulous emotional snippet, Doris.

    1. hehe, yes one way or the other it is ;-)