Tuesday, 15 April 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Hidden

Happy Tuesday, folks. Here's today's tease. A lesson to us all that true beauty lies within...

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"Hang on, baby."
Ariana clung on with the last bit of strength left in here. Already the edges of her vision dimmed and narrowed. Her skin burned as the first splashes of sea water hit her legs. Another sign that she'd left it too late—far too late.
Her body convulsed and his hold on her tightened, his steady steps carrying her deeper into the sea. A sea she should never have left, but how could she resist the temptation to be close to him. To be held and kissed, and treated as his equal, not some monstrosity.
"Stop fighting it, baby. Change, and breathe… for me. I want you to live."
The hoarse words whispered into her ear burned her soul, and he kissed the tears off her face, seconds before the wave pulled his feet out from under him. His gurgle of horror galvanized her into action and she allowed the scales to form and the beast to writhe from within.
Lungs filling with much needed oxygen, she dived into the deep, and pulled him to safety.
Her heart stopped when he opened his eyes to see who she truly was.

"You're so beautiful. Never hide from me."

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. Ah, I love this romantic piece. She saved him while he saved her. I would like to see you expand thjs 200 word flash into a longer story.

  2. Fantastic! I love what you did in only 200 words! :)

  3. Such a delightful read. You captured my attention right off with you imagery

  4. I knew. From the beginning. Just as the gooseflesh formed over my body reading this. You know I love the Saltwater Sirens. I have a whole album on my fb page devoted. I LOVED this post. Truly...gooseflesh. That rarely happens to me. Bravo <3 xo

  5. Wonderful....so much expressed in only 200 words. xx

  6. This sent shivers down me. Amazing teaser executed to perfection in only 200 words. Brilliant

    1. *big grin* Thanks so much, Naomi :-)

  7. Really good work, Doris. Passion and tension - sacrifice and love. A fitting conclusion to your sexy adult fairytale.

  8. Absolutely love this. Brilliantly written

  9. That was just stunning. When I saw the picture I first thought of a romantic outing at the beach... or some naughty fun at the beach but you took it to an entirely different level and it was done beautifully! Wonderful job!