Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Midweek tease from The Housewife and the Film Star #MWTease

You all know how fond I am of teasing, right? So here I am again with another Midweek Tease. I received first edits for my contemporary BDSM novel The Housewife and the Film Star today, so naturally I had to pick a tease from this.

In this scene, my h/h are sharing a first kiss after a bit of an argument. These two like to spar...

The rush of protectiveness floored him, and obliterated any other desires he had at that moment. Any thought of teasing her went out of the window at what he saw in her eyes, and, not for the first time, he wondered who or what had made her so weary, that she seemed terrified to admit her own needs. And her body's reaction left him in no doubt that she wanted him, no matter how much she might deny it. Her cheeks were flushed, her pupils wide, and her breath labored. He willed his own raring erection to calm down. Now was not the time for sex, regardless of how easy it would be to run his hand under her summer skirt, find her slick folds, and bury himself deep inside her soft flesh. That she would be ready for him, he had no doubt. The sweet scent of her arousal was in the air between them as he tucked her closer, mindful to keep his hips away from her.
"Would it help to know that all you did was sleep with me?"
Her sharp intake of breath and the renewed heat in her cheeks had more unwanted affection well up inside of him. He so needed to fuck her silly. That had to be the reason for the sappy feelings he was having right now.
"As in sleep, not have sex, Sylvia. You were completely out, and, call me old-fashioned, but I do prefer my women responsive in bed."
He chuckled to himself at the myriad of expressions that flitted across her face, shock, embarrassment, denial, and confusion.
"But I don't understand. If we didn't, then what the hell am I supposed to have done for you?"
"You really don't get it, do you?"
Sylvia shook her head at him, her nose wrinkled in worried confusion, and he had to resist the urge to draw her in closer and kiss those worry lines away. Instead, he took a few steps back, not trusting himself not to act on his baser impulses. His cock was still sitting up and screaming, "Come to Papa."
"Really, Sven, what have I done? I know Vera warbled on about your image and what not, but seriously? Unless you really expected me to run to the papers… Oh, my God, that's it, isn't it?  You were expecting me to sell you out, weren't you?"
Sylvia looked furious and hot as hell. Her blue eyes blazed with indignation and set him on fire from the inside out.
"I told you then you didn't need any gag order. I would never run to the papers. No self-respecting woman would, and, if you automatically expect that of people, then I feel sorry for you, I really do."
"Now, you sound like my mother, woman."
"Don't woman me, Sven. Maybe you should listen to her more, and now that we've got that cleared up, really leave!"
No way!
She growled in that devilishly sexy way again, and he did the only thing he could do. He covered the short distance between them and shut her protest up with his mouth.
One minute, he stood watching her, the next, he'd grabbed her and pinned her against him. His mouth firmly clamped on hers, he muffled her shriek of surprise. Oh hell.
Heat suffused her instantly. Her moan allowed him access, and with a groan of his own, his tongue found hers whilst he grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms high above her head. The action pushed her breasts flat into his chest, and he ground his rock-hard erection into her lower belly. Sylvia lost all sense of time, and she gave herself up to the sensation of being held, as her own tongue dueled with his in a passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. Her whole body enveloped in his hard warmth, that clever tongue of his teased and suckled. He explored every crevice of her mouth with increasing thoroughness, withdrawing just enough for Sylvia to gasp some much needed oxygen, before he claimed her again. The initial urgency was now replaced by a gentle adoration that made her wish he would never let her go.
When he finally released her with one last gentle nip of teeth on her bottom lip, his breathing was as harsh as her own. The muffled curse he uttered into her hair mirrored her own feelings exactly.
"Bloody hell, woman, what a kiss."
No shit, Sherlock.
He pulled away from her with a rueful smile, and his thumb swiped across her bottom lip. Those amazing eyes of his, the deepest blue she'd ever seen them.
"If your kids weren't upstairs, nothing would stop me from making you scream."
Oh God. If he wasn't still holding on to her, she was sure she'd have just slid to the floor at those growled words.
"You okay?"
Was she okay? The man had just kissed her senseless, and he wanted to know whether she was okay? Sylvia couldn't help the hysterical bubble of laughter that escaped, and she shook her head, pushed against his chest, and locked her knees.
"No, I'm not okay. Don't you dare kiss me like that again unless you have the intention on following through."
His answering smile was pure sin itself.
"We have ourselves a deal, lady. Now, tell me about Harry."


Intrigued? I sure hope so.


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  1. Oooooh -- now I want to read the rest of this!

  2. That was quite a hot tease Doris! :)

    1. Hot? lol That was rather tame for this story, Dee ;-)

    2. Can't wait to read the rest of it then!!!

  3. Sexy tease! Thanks for sharing! :) ~ C.R.