Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#MWTease #Coverreveal The Housewife and the Film Star @evernightpub #bdsm

Did you hear me squeal in excitement yesterday?


What prompted all this mad bunny hopping impression. Well, it was COVER ART DAY!
Yeah, as you can tell, I'm still rather excited, lol. So naturally my tease today is from the Housewife and the Film Star.


"Like what you see?"
Sylvia wrenched her gaze upwards to meet his eyes. He was watching her reaction from under heavy lidded eyes filled with lust and a grim determination that frightened her a little.
"Sven, I don't think I could…"
Before she could even blink he was on the bed next to her, matching his long length to her much smaller frame. He grasped her wrists in one hand again and pinned her arms above her head. With a wicked smile he used just one finger of his free hand to slowly travel up the inside of her thigh. The slight pressure was torture, and by the time his thumb flicked her clit, she was a quivering mass of feminine excitement. How did he do that? Was it the unwavering focus with which he watched her reaction, or simply the way he once again had her pinned, unable to move?
"Trust me, baby, you can, and you will."
The kiss that followed seemed never-ending. In direct contrast to his earlier urgency, he took his time exploring the inside of her mouth with a breathtaking thoroughness that spoke of ownership. The more she tried to hurry him, the slower he went, pressing his heavy body on top of hers, until the whole word narrowed to just the feel of him. Every stroke, nip and suckle of his oh so talented tongue, stoked the slow burning fire in her core to fever pitch, and her hips bucked wildly, needing his touch.
He straddled her, effectively stopping her from moving and looked down on her.
"Take it easy, we have all night, my little firecracker. We'll do this my way, and unless you want me spanking that delicious ass of yours until it matches the color of your lips, you will not rush me."
Sylvia couldn't stop her sharp intake of breath, and Sven's gaze grew even more heated.
"Oh, I see, you like that idea, do you?"
"N-no … I don't."
"Liar." He whispered the word and lifted off her just enough to cup her swollen pussy. Sylvia swallowed her groan as he swiped his fingers through the wet evidence of her arousal, and then lifted his glistening fingers up for her to see.
He licked them clean and hummed his approval.
"Hmm, delicious. If you don't like the idea of my hand on your ass, then why are you this wet?"


When International movie star Sven Larsson meets young widowed mum of three, Sylvia, the sexual chemistry between them is instant and explosive, and plastered all over the papers. Sven needs to repair his damaged reputation. The last thing he needs is another scandal, but the Dom in him can't resist the challenge Sylvia represents.
Having survived an abusive marriage, Sylvia is not looking for another relationship, let alone a kinky one with a man of Sven's reputation. Her submissive side can't help but be drawn to him, however, especially once she gets to know the man behind the public image. This private, broken, Sven she cannot help but fall in love with, even if he doesn't do love.
With the paparazzi breathing down their necks at every turn, and past demons raising their ugly heads, will they ever be able to find happiness?

This releases October 21st with Evernight Publishing


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  1. Ohhh Sven, my hero. So looking forward to this :)

  2. Woo Hoo! Great tease and yes, that is one nice cover, Doris! Happy Almost Release day and thank you for the sneak peek. :)

  3. Ooo! Love the last line! This sounds great, congrats on the release, Doris! Thanks for teasing with us. xoxo