Monday, 2 April 2012

Highjacked by the blog - a guest post by Raven McAllan

I have my good friend and honorary grandma to lil budda, Raven McAllan on my blog today and I tell you the lengths I have to go to, to get that woman to blog, you would not believe. Seriously, she can write up a storm, but does she blog enough...

She tells me she is turning over a new leaf. We'll see! For now I hand you over to the formidable Raven.


 There I was minding my own business, procrastinating away‑as you do—playing on various sites —as you do, reading everybody's blogs—as you do and I was hijacked.

Yup hijacked by the blog. Held to ransom.

 Now I checked the date, it must be April 1st, April fool's day and someone was going to jump out and say fooled ya? Right? No wrong it’s the second.

 So what's  all this about? And a ransom? What?  My collection (well my daughters) of Polly Pockets?  I wonder what happened to them? My Twinkly light heart DH gave me?  No chance.

My… no don't go there Raven, some things are best not bragged about even when…well…

Oh er oops… are you SURE you don't want Polly Pocket?

 Write 500 words on a subject guaranteed to interest readers?

 Er gulp and help.

And it was no use hammering on the blog page, shouting help. All I heard was tip tapping on typewriter keys, evil giggles, and a threat of no cuddles from your grandson until you've written something interesting.

Well, that stumped me. If D the D (you ask her where that comes from I'm not going to tell you, oh no, wouldn't dare!), anyway if she'd just said write 500 words I'd have hit the dictionary of slang. Mind you, it is pretty interesting—the words they used as everyday language that would get you banned from every stately home in Britain if you used them in polite company now are truly amazing. (er no I'm not writing them here, D the D remember? Use your imaginations.)


see what I mean!

*raises eyebrows at Raven*


So here I am, no wine, no chocolate, and worse, no grandson! Gah that woman is cruel.

Interesting (well please tell the lovely owner of this blogspot—yeah yeah crawling now, I admit it— they are) facts.

In the west of Scotland a midge can bite, badly, and 40,000 midges can land on an unprotected arm in an hour… there is a certain famous moisturizer that repels them. Oh the forestry workers do smell nice.

(Doris, am I interesting enough yet?)


Haggis are thought to have two long and two short legs, enabling them to run up and down the mountains easier, therefore avoiding detection.

waits anxiously

Anne Boleyn was alleged to have an extra digit on one hand…

looks at small glass pane in door 

Ah a half smile, we're getting there.

Um… er … ( makes coffee, finds a biscuit,  checks emails FB, twitter and whether I have enough ice cubes for g and t later…I do.)

I have so much admiration  for people who can blog, write synopsis, pimp and blurb. I cry, eat more chocolate and beg for help. It is so hard to put everything you need, to persuade, intrigue and encourage someone to read your book over all the others.

I have some blurbs to share. As I've been hijacked and still no grandson cuddles, no chocolate, and no coffee… Huh this is bad, surely I'm allowed coffee and chocolate

sigh again 

evidently not until I give you some blurbs, so here goes…

From Taken Identity …

Gray Reynard was looking for his wife. What he found was a woman who took his breath away and kick-started his libido.

Jules was gobsmacked to see the gorgeous hunk on her doorstep looking for Julia Frayne. That's her name, but she'd remember marrying him. And she hadn't.

Together they must unravel the mystery. However, will the explosive chemistry between them also unravel their hearts?

Ohhh…one square of chocolate, so more more more…

From The Price To Pay…

Do a friend a favor? Easy. Persuade the woman she's your soul mate? Not so easy. Does this cougar romance stand a chance?
Raig was only doing a favor for a friend. Who'd have thought the mum he was "babysitting" would turn out to be the woman of his dreams?
Raig could see their future; Vairi could only see the age difference. He may say "you are only as old as the man you feel," but she couldn't do the forever he wanted. Too many obstacles stood in their way, especially when she finds out Raig has not been telling her the truth, even though she too has secrets she's not willing to share. Can they open up and put their doubts behind them to discover how satisfying a cougar romance can be?

Ohhh now I have coffee….chocolate…

From Almost Entente Cordiale…

A woman with two husbands—husbands who are lovers. Is this a relationship doomed to failure?
Only she can decide.
When Julien returns from France, he did not expect to find his lover ballock-deep inside a woman. Especially when that woman is his own wife!
Christianne knew Alastair had a lover, but she did not expect that lover to be the husband she thought was dead.
As a marriage of convenience turns passionate, can the three of them make their illicit relationship work?
Or will Christianne have to choose which husband to keep?

looks around… rattles door…

And a sneak preview… My first print, regency anthology is out on June 15th

Rogue Scandals

You'll recognize some of these names…

Beneath the prim and proper surface of the ton, intrigue and scandal was only a gossiping word away
For many men and women, the fear of ruin and worse accompanied them at all times.
 Some defied propriety, took hold of their happiness and hoped for the best.
Meet Ivo, Auberon, Ranulf and Ashley prepared to defy convention to win their ladies.
 But are Serena, Arabella, Hermione and Adriana prepared to let them have it all their own ways?
 Of course not. for their partnerships were as unconventional as the ladies themselves.
Compromising of  Wallflowers Don't Wilt, To Please A Lady and A Most Unusual Mistress. (the latter will be released as an ebook by itself in June also.

so was that interesting enough?

door is opening…grandson shuffles in on bottom. 

Well, he is only almost eight months old, he's allowed to bum shuffle

D the D is carrying… the rest of the chocolate, coffee and oohhh well er sorry gotta dash….


Very good Raven, but you see what I have to put up with! As Raven has been such a good girl... yes I went there Raven... I have hunted down some inspirational pics for her.

She rather likes this young man, well, don't we all

 and as we all know how fond she is of my sexy Swede, Sven from Scandinavian Scandal...

 well, this is Eric from True Blood of course, but the delicious Alexander Skarsgard was of course my inspiration for Sven


Now Raven tells me the woman enjoying all of his attention in this picture is her...

 Yeeeees, dream on, Raven!

Before I sign off, Raven is interviewing my Goldie from my just released Goldie and her Bears  on her Blog today, and she may call me D the D, but I tell you, she asks some tough questions! There is a giveaway too, so hop on over, you know you want to.

And... NO, he is too young for chocolate. I don't give a monkeys, if it's a grandma's prerogative....


  1. hahaha, little does she know what my boy and I got up to once her back was turned.
    I've wiped his face, hands and er well everything. Plus the chair, carpet, lap top, cat......

  2. Oi, he's mine! Get yer mitts off my Swede!!! Ah lordy.. Guess we have to keep sharing him out, huh Doris?

    Nice to see you Raven! *waves* I like to see you've brought Raig around. Do I get to steal him?? ;)

  3. I'm so with you on the blog-slacking Raven. Why can't we just write? Oh wait, I'm supposed to be doing that instead of reading this...

  4. Raig is sorry, Arya, he's booked, but he does have a rather nice cousin who's available! WEG

    and Jorja..... you totally with you on that one....