Sunday, 15 April 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I took a break last week, but we're back today with six from my story Saving Hope from The Blood Bar Chronicles, which releases very, very soon. For those of you that don't know this is a collaboration with my wonderful critique group UCW and we're all quite excited about it. This is book One and there are two more coming.

*big grin*

But enough of ramblings and on to the six. Noelle has been hiding something...

"Why didn't you tell me?"
The tone of those carefully enunciated words could have cut glass, and the barely controlled anger behind them stirred her own temper as he slowly advanced toward her. He looked every inch the predator, his pale complexion even more drained of color, fangs fully extended, hands shaped into claws, his eyes narrowed to slits. Noelle swallowed nervously. Seeing him on the edge, danger pouring off his half-naked frame, muscles rippling as he moved with seemingly effortless grace, really shouldn't turn her on. But, heaven help her, it did! 

Till next week, folks.

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  1. Wonderful description! Great six.

  2. Intriguing six, Doris! Looking forward to the release!

  3. It's because a powerful male is so dang sexy! Now she has to channel that energy where she wants it... ;)