Sunday, 22 April 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's six are one again from the just released The Alphas, Blood Bar Chronicles.

Henri has just run into Noelle...

Henri stood rooted to the spot, watching her from the shadows. What on earth was she doing in Edinburgh? And who had put those shadows in her eyes? The fresh-faced, sassy student he'd picked up in a bar in London, not dissimilar to this one, almost seven years ago had changed into a beautiful woman, who seemed to carry a heavy burden. His gut had clenched and his conscience churned, seeing the storm of recognition in the depths of her blue-grey eyes eyes earlier. Eyes which, he knew, changed color with her mood: Azure when she was happy, sparkling with laughter; the color of a summer's sky when she was deep in thought; and the dark, soulful blue of the darkest ocean in the throes of passion.

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Have a great Sunday, folks :-)


  1. oh, this is soooooo good, I'm so excited bout this series. Love this excerpt.

  2. Great introspection from him. I like how he mentally compares the "fresh faced sassy student" to the older "beautiful woman." Well done, six!