Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cover Reveal and Blog Hop Winners

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter. I have been a busy bee and have eaten far too much chocolate, but hey chocolate and edits go hand in hand, right?

At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I have just sent back second edits for Riding Her Tiger and I now have my cover.

Don't you just love it? I came over all unnecessary as my Gran would have said, when I spotted this in my inbox, because it fits the images in my head so perfectly. Evernight has the most wonderful cover artists, who somehow transfer my ramblings on the Cover Art Request form into a thing of beauty :-)

Here is the unedited blurb: 

Can one night change your life forever? 

Estelle has been lusting after her kinky boss Nathan for ages, but how you do you snare a much older Dom? You enlist the help of the internet.

Matched to exploration facilitator Ink, Estelle explores her submissive fantasies to the full. When online sex turns to a real life ménage will a case of mistaken identity ruin her chances with Nathan?

Or will the shifter claim his mate?

Here is a little very hot excerpt. Be warned, this is heat level 4. I have joined the big girl's bench ;-)

Her skin tightened, and her clit throbbed in time with the waves rushing through her. She shuddered when cool air hit her wet flesh, before she encountered smooth leather. Ink pushed her down until her breasts were flattened against the padded bench, and she gasped as her legs and arms were fastened. Before she could panic at being restrained to the spanking bench, Grisha's face was in front of her.
"Focus, sweetheart, on me. Breathe with me, and count the strokes." He looked behind her, and Ink's warm hands massaged her butt cheeks.
"She really has a fantastic ass, Grisha. She'll look hot as sin when it's nice and pink from our hands." Ink's voice send tingles of awareness through her, and her panic subsided. His hand dipped lower and spread her pussy lips. He bit her ass, and she squirmed when his fingers sank deep into her already weeping channel. He curled them into a figure of eight, and Estelle panted her excitement as her sensitized tissues responded instantly.
She closed her eyes against the knowing smirk on Grisha's face.
"How is she doing, Ink? Though I bet she's wet for us."
Estelle screwed her eyes shut tighter at Ink's chuckled confirmation.
"Now remember, Estelle, no coming until I give you permission, or you'll be strapped to this thing for a very long time indeed." Ink's voice had lost its amusement, and Estelle breathed her confirmation.
"Good girl, sweetheart, you can do it." Grisha brushed a kiss across her lips. "Now count."
The first slap took her by surprise, and she screeched.
"Count, Estelle." Ink's voice brooked no argument.
"O…one." She bit back tears and barely caught her breath before the next slap came. "Two." Slap. "Three…"
Grisha's hands massaged her shoulders. He murmured Russian words she didn't understand, the warmth of his hands chasing away the goose bumps spreading over her body. Her butt on fire, the strange floating sensations returned. Her pussy clenched with each slap of Ink's hand across her ass until all of her senses heightened. Every trickle of her arousal down her legs left a wave of fire in its wake, sensations too intense to name consuming her. Her body climbed, tensing, clenching, clamoring for the tension within to burst to freedom.
With one last slap hard enough to send her body forward along the bench as far as the restraints would allow, Estelle breathed,"Fifteen."
"Good girl, you did so well." She hardly heard Grisha over the rushing in her ears, her heart beating so loudly, she felt sick. She winced at the coolness placed over her burning ass, and when her restraints were removed she collapsed into Ink's arms.


Well, I did warn you! 

And last but by no means least, here are the winners from my Easter Blog Hops picked with the aid of Random.org

From the Hoppy Easter Blog:

Tammy Ramey and Vanessa N.

From the Sexy Bunny Blog:  

Kiru Taye

Congratulations Ladies :-)


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  2. Oh my! You have joined the big girls. Well done.

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  3. OH MY GAWD!! I need a cold shower. I love the cover. I want it.
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