Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The morning after...

As you all know it was release day yesterday and I am feeling the after effects today. And no, I didn't overindulge on the bubbly, more's the pity.

I was too excited to sleep and I had errands to run and teenage traumas to deal with, including hubby on the war path at almost midnight - fun, fun, fun - not! Just in case you think I spent yesterday floating on the ceiling. Well, I did, but I had to keep coming back down to deal with this annoying thing called real life.

Anyhooo, this is just a quick post to say, thank you all for making yesterday special. I received some truly lovely comments that made me sniff a little.

I hope you all enjoy the latest instalment of the Tigers. Grisha has been growling louder than ever, so I guess he'll soon have me chained to the keyboard. And a little insider sneak now...

pssst, don't tell everyone, but, remember Estelle's outrageous friend from Riding Her Tiger, Neeve? Yep, she is the one to snare our Grisha, or should that be the other way round.  You see in my head she has just called this whole collaring thing complete and utter tosh, under her breath, but ya know they're shifters, they heard her...

Silly, silly, girl!

I actually started this post to announce my winners  and got sidetracked, as usual, so without further ado.

From Elizabeth Morgan's blog :  Dariel Raye

And yesterday's release day winner is: Faith Thomas

There will be more chances to win as I am hopping over the net for a few days, and I am also taking part in the  BDSM Unleashed Blog Hop, which runs from July 14th  - 21st. Am really looking forward to that one!

Click on the image for details. Some fabulous prices to be won and authors to meet. Some of my favourite authors in the genre are part of this hop. Exciting stuff to be part of!

Right, I have rambled on enough. Best go and chase Budda, as he is turning my living room upside down and  tell me... Why does he make a beeline for the muddiest, smelliest teenage boy's shoes and tries to eat them? Really?

Have a great week :-)


  1. CONGRATS AGAIN! and really....silly silly full human.... tut tut tut

  2. Thank you so much. I plan a relaxing weekend with my exciting read. Joy, oh, Joy. :)