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Guest Interview and GIVEAWAY with Elizabeth Morgan

Please help me give a warm welcome to the lovely Elizabeth Morgan, who has agreed to answer my nosy questions today!

Come in, take a seat, make yourself at home.

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Morgan and I shall be your entertainment  host for the day. J

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. Well, I write under the pen name Elizabeth Morgan, although Elizabeth is actually my second name. J I have been a published author for a year now. It’s gone by so quickly, it’s crazy. I come from Manchester in the United Kingdom, but I moved to Cheshire two years ago. I grew up wanting to be an actress, and I studied Musical Theatre in college. I have always enjoyed writing ever since I was a child. I started to write scripts in college and then turned my attention to books.
And here I am! J

What made you write ‘this’ story?

Cranberry Blood is actually the first story I wrote, but the version that has been published is the second I wrote. After suggestions off my beta readers I ripped the original version to shreds.
Honestly, I love anything paranormal and as the saying goes, “write what you love and know.” So when I decided I wanted to sit down and see if I could write a book, I decided I wanted it to be about Vampires and Werewolves. I was under the impression I wouldn’t be able to write something completely new or fresh considering how many stories there actually are about this two particular species, so I actually set out to, well, kinda laugh at myself. That no doubt sounds terrible, but I was new and I wasn’t sure if I could write a book let alone a decent one.
I knew I wanted my heroine to have a really inconvenient problem for her life style. I wanted an odd hero, not perfect, or a gentleman, or an alpha; someone you could relax with. I wanted a crazy – almost unbelievable - story plot. I wanted proper horror werewolves and scary vampires. I wanted blood, sex, and violence mixed with sarcasm, irony, and tension.
And I think I may have pulled it off, but I will let the readers decide. J

Tell us about your cover.

Well, the first thing you notice about the cover is that it is dark. The series in general is on the darker side, and it is sarcastic and ironic. I personally feel it has very dark humour in it, but again, I will let the readers decided if that is the case. J
The wolf on the cover is to indicate that this book is a shifter/werewolf story. The moon would also be another indication to that. I personally find that there is something very beautiful and magical about the moon and it is, in a sense, a symbol to all things supernatural/paranormal.
The female and male models representing the hero and heroine are perfect. I think Fiona Jayde – the cover artist – nailed them on the head by picking these two models.
Heather is a Vampire Slayer. She fights to survive. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or receive a few wounds in the process. Basically, she doesn’t take shit off anyone whether they’re a vampire, werewolf, human, or anything in between.
Brendan is a Werewolf. The Pack fourth, so he is a dominant wolf, but unlike Owen – the hero of She-Wolf – who is an alpha male, Brendan is more of a beta male. He knows Heather can handle herself, so he doesn’t try to sweep in and save her. He just gives her a hand when, and if, she needs it. He is moody at times and he has a few scars – emotional and physical – so he is rather closed in a lot of ways.

Describe a typical day’s writing for us.

On a bad day, no writing will get done. I know, naughty, but I don’t like to push my ideas. I beat myself up when I don’t do any writing, which, naturally, doesn’t help. So if I have an off day, I don’t push it, because hopefully it will just be a day and not longer.
On a good day, I can just sit at my computer and end up writing for seven hours straight. Or I may be able to write 3-5k in one day, but it doesn’t always happen. I am honestly happy if I manage to get 1k a day written. A lower goal is less pressure and I can feel proud if I beat it. It really depends on the project and how consumed I am with it, not to mention what else I have on my plate at that point in time.

What inspires you?

Music. Pictures. Sometimes I have interesting dreams, or I will have – or overhear – an interesting conversation. Something will jump out at me and give me an idea. Or a word on an advertisement will catch my attention and I will start thinking.

If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

An actress; I wanted to act since the age of four. I studied drama in school and went to an amateur dramatics group. I studied Musical Theatre in college; I got to play Marty in Grease and a singing frog in an opera we did. Oh yeah, I’m multi talented like that; takes a certain type of crazy to play a frog. ;-P
I loved performing. I probably still would if I got in to the habit. I liked entertaining people. Sometimes when I watch a musical or see a really good film I get nostalgic. Ha.

Do your characters ever surprise you?

Yes, and I would go in to detail, but I don’t want to give spoilers away for future books. Let’s just say, since I am more of a panster then a planner, the story – especially in the sense of a series – comes to me in stages. I recently met a new character who will be in The Blood Series in either the next book or the one following and I was just like, “Oh, damn. Okay, I didn’t see that coming.”
I like that they surprise me, though, because hopefully it mean they will surprise the readers, and in a good way. J

What could you not do without when you’re writing?

I don’t really have a particular item I need when writing. A good cuppa helps, though. J

What words of wisdom do you have for the aspiring authors out there?

Believe in yourself. Believe in your ideas. Believe in your work. Never give up. Anyone who says “no,” well, it’s their loss.

Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?

I honestly have no idea. Hopefully I am still writing, because that would be awesome, but who knows what is lurking round the corner? Hopefully, fate has something good waiting for me. *Fingers crossed*

Do you have a favourite quote?

I have loads, but four of my favourites are:
“I looked at you and fell in love and you smiled because you knew.” – William Shakespeare
“Gum helps me think.”
“Sweetie, you’re wasting your gum.” – Nathan Lane, in the movie The Birdcage
“What’s so funny?”
“Sometimes I just think funny thing.” – Dudley Moore, in the movie Arthur

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

Yeah, I sometimes have periods of time where I can get stuck with a story. So, I have to put it to one side and look at something else. I find it’s best to give yourself some time and if the story doesn’t unfold naturally then you need to sit down and make yourself figure it out. It’s annoying, but unfortunately it happens sometimes.

What other books can your readers look forward to?

On August 6th my sweet contemporary romance “Stepping Stones” is being released with Noble Romance Publishing. This is the first sweet romance I have written, I won’t say it will be my last, because I honestly don’t know. It is practically innocent compared to my other stories. I actually dreamt it and liked it so much that I had to write it.
Stepping Stones Blurb:
There's nothing like a wedding to bring the family together . . . .
And if it wasn't her baby sister’s wedding, Margaret West, wouldn't be returning home at all.
Why else would she go back after six years knowing full well that she had people to face, and explanations to give?
If her parent’s interrogation wasn't bad enough, the fact that she has to be civil to her foster brother, Adrian, is. Best friends since childhood, they haven't spoken since he went to America . . . . The day before Margaret was supposed to be getting married. And to make matters worse, her ex-fiancĂ©e, William, is the Reverend who will be conducting her sister’s wedding ceremony!
All want an answer from her, and they aren't taking no as one of them. Why did she run in the first place? Why has she been so angry with, Adrian? Why didn't she marry, William?
Margaret isn't even sure she knows the real reasons any more.
Available from Noble Romance Publishing on August 6th 2012.

I recently had a Young Adult Futuristic Romance novel accepted. I wrote this book with a friend of mine. I don’t have a blurb or a release date for it yet, but more news when I do.
I am currently working on a erotic paranormal short story, which I hope to have done in the next week or so. I then plan to start writing the second book in The Blood Series, which has yet got a title. And then after that I will be working on the second book in my Overseers Series: The Keeper.
Needless to say I am keeping busy, so watch this space. J

And finally can you share an excerpt with us?

I’d love too!  J
(Taken from Chapter One)
The sudden sound of rustling paper snapped me from my thoughts. I tensed, the awareness crackling sharply beneath the surface of my skin.
Someone is in my house.
I walked through the open living room door. A new scent invaded my nostrils. Tangy, manufactured, smelled like expensive cologne. An unfamiliar, black, travel bag sat tucked away between the red leather sofa and TV stand. The papers rustled again. I stepped lightly toward the archway that lead into the dining room, my sword still gripped comfortably in my right hand.
"Your breakfast is getting cold, Heather. I suggest you stop trying to sneak in here and just come in so that we can get this over and done with," said the deep male voice in my kitchen.
What the hell is going on? Who is he? Why is he in my house? How does he know my name? And why the hell has he cooked me breakfast?
I took a deep breath, then exhaled. I slowly walked through the archway into the empty dining room and turned my head to the left to see a strange man seated at my kitchen breakfast bar. He sat casually, in jeans and a forest green T-shirt that clung to his broad, sculptured back and defined biceps. The sun flooded into the kitchen through the side window and glinted off his copper-blond hair, which brushed his shoulders.
"Are you going to come in to the room or stand there drooling all day?" He turned a page of his newspaper.
I inhaled again; nothing new amongst the scent of dog, pine, bacon, and coffee, which meant he wasn't a Vampire. I knew because leeches smelled like mouldy, wet earth; not an overpowering smell, but hidden underneath the products they wore. A huge part of me felt relieved he wasn't a Vamp. A Vampire couldn’t get in here, anyway. They could only come in with a personal invite, and since they all wanted me dead . . . . No matter what state I'd been in last night, I wouldn't have invited one in. So, who the hell is this guy?
I walked toward him, my sword glinting in the sunlight as I gripped the hilt firmly in both hands.
"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my house?" I stopped three feet behind him.
"I'm not going to hurt you."
"Wrong answer." I pressed the tip of my sword into the firm space between his shoulder blades. "I said who the hell are you and what—"
"Killing me isn't going to help." He turned another page of his paper.
"I disagree. I think killing the stranger who broke into my house is a very good idea."
"I did not break in," he replied calmly. "My name is Brendan and I'm actually here to help you."
I snorted. "Like I believe that."
"It's the truth. Besides, if I really wanted to hurt you, I would have. I also wouldn't have left your weapons with you."
"Well, you're obviously an eejit."
He laughed. "You have serious trust issues."
"Trust issues? Says the complete stranger who broke into my house and—"
"I used your house keys. They were in your jacket pocket," he said. "And yes, trust issues, says the stranger. The stranger who promises he isn't here to hurt you."
"Just because you say you're not here to hurt me doesn't mean it's the truth."
"True. But why go to the trouble of killing you when I could have left you lying in the car park the other night and let the seven greedy leeches looking for you find you and bleed you dry."

Thank you so much for letting me come and hang out, Doris. It has been a pleasure coming to chat with all your readers. And thank you to anyone who took a moment to read all my craziness. J

It's been a pleasure, Elizabeth. Come back soon!

Giveaway Information:

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Competition ends on July 14th at midnight – 6pm est time. Winner will be chosen with the help of and emailed by Elizabeth.
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  1. Thank you so much for interviewing me, Doris. I had tons of fun answering your questions. :-D

  2. Sounds grat and can i just say! LOVE THAT COVER!!!!

    1. Hey, Cherie, thank you so much for stopping by.

      Thanks you! I love it too. :-D

  3. Thank you for giving us a peep into your life and soul. I havent read the book yet but am adding your mane to my list of MUST reads...

    I love the cover but most of all I really love the quotes you have especially the gum one. anytime i see someone chewing it will make me think of that... lol

    x HEather -

    1. You're very welcome, thank you so much for taking the time to read about crazy lil' me.

      *blush* Thank you, and if you do decide to read any of my books, I hope very much that you enjoy them; or at least get a good laugh. :-)

      Hehe The Birdcage is one of my mothers fave films and I have to admit I can never get tired of watching it. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are so good together, and that line always cracks me up, especially since the next one is . . .

      "I don't think I get it."

      Nathan shouts, "try more gum."

      Ha. Love it! :-D

  4. Sounds great Elizabeth. Wolves and vamps rule :)

    1. Thanks, Jorja. Hell yes, they do. :-P

  5. Thanks for the great excerpt and inspiring advice for fledgling writers! Do you work on one story at a time and what is your thought on this? Who is/are your favorite authors?

    1. Hey, PC, thank you for stopping by.

      Yeah, I mainly work on one story, mainly because I want to give each story and the characters my undivided attention. I think it is very easy to get characters voices mixed up and basically burn your brain if you try to split your attention in half. But in saying that I know some writers who like to jump between different projects, because it helps them stay interested. I guess it depends on what works for you as a writer.

      So many fave authors and the list is growing, my top ones are; Kelley Armstrong, Lara Adrian, Meljean Brooke, Moira Rogers, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Jill Myles and Gena Showalter. :-D

  6. Great excerpt and interview. I really like the cover too. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win your book.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    1. Not at all, thank you so much for taking the time to read through all my crazy. :-)

  7. The competition has closed. With the help of I am pleased to announce that the winner is . . . HEATHER!

    Congratulations! I'm sending your copy to you now. :-)

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by and took the time to read my post, and leave a comment. :-)