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Christmas Miracle #freeread #erotica #christmasstory

Merry Christmas everyone!

To show my appreciation of all your support over the last year, I thought I would write you a little hot story.


God, she hated being away from home at Christmas. It was alright for her workaholic boss, but he didn't have family. Neither did she, per se, but tonight was Christmas Eve and she always spent it with her nieces and nephews. Not this year. She was stuck in a posh hotel, miles away from home. Her face hurt from keeping an inane smile on it for most of the evening, almost as much as her feet did in these ridiculously high shoes, she'd forced herself to wear to go with the sleek dress.
The boss had needed her all dressed up like the proverbial Barbie doll, to distract the lecherous chairman of the company he wanted to merge with. Every feminist instinct in her screamed at the injustice of using her law degree in such a demeaning manner, but Mum's nursing care cost, and it fell to Louise to contribute the lion share, as she only had herself to look after.
By the time the 'good ol' boys' had finally cinched the deal, Louise's fingers had itched to wipe the smug grin of the overweight man whose pudgy fingers had been making a slow and painful path up her leg. In a last ditch attempt to get away, she had accidentally spilled her champagne down her front and had made her excuses.
She pushed her keycard through the lock of her hotel room door, and breathed a sigh of relief when it swung open. She didn't bother to click on the light, too focused on slinging her shoes off, and peeling herself out of her now sodden dress.
"Would you like some help with that, beautiful?" The deeply seductive voice raised gooseflesh on her bare arms. She froze with her dress snagged over her boobs and her head half covered with the hem of her dress, giving the owner of that voice a perfect view of her stockings, suspenders, and lacy, black thong. She on the other hand could not see a thing, though whoever that voice belonged to must have turned on the light, because the room brightened through the gauze of her self-induced blindfold.
She turned into the general direction of that deep baritone.
"Who are you, and what the fuck are you doing in my hotel room. I'll scream!" The words came out breathy and muffled, and she tucked harder at the offending fabric.
His amused chuckle sent shivers down her exposed spine, and when she finally managed to get the sodden fabric over her head, and she saw who was waiting for her on the bed, those shivers turned into tingles of awareness.
Dressed in nothing but red underpants and a jaunty Santa hat, Nathan smiled at her, and she lost herself in his crystal blue gaze. His normally clean shaven face was covered in the most delicious stubble, and as for the rest of that body. Holy Shit. She knew he was well built. Even the non-descript coffee shop uniform he normally wore couldn't disguise those broad shoulders and perfectly formed biceps, but who knew her favorite Morning pick-me-up on the way to work, hid such a clit clenching body underneath that drab work uniform.
Her nipples peaked and her pussy clenched in need, as arousal dampened her thong, and she bit her lip.
"It's you? But what are you doing here, and how did you get in?"
Maybe she had fallen asleep. Yes that had to be it. She had lusted after Nathan for weeks, so naturally her subconscious would conjure him up. It had been way too long since she had a little fun of the horizontal kind. Too bad Sexy Nathan wasn't real, but she could make sure she had one hell of a dream, anyway.
His next words confirmed her suspicions.
"I'm your Christmas present, Louise." He stretched his hand out toward her, and inhibitions forgotten she stepped toward temptation. His long, warm fingers closed around hers and he gave her hand a sharp tug. She tumbled on top of him with a shriek, and the breath left her lungs, when he flipped her over, until she was pinned underneath him. She moaned and wiggled herself closer. Pressed into the covers by his weight on top of her, she reveled in her helplessness and his eyes darkened, as the unmistakable evidence of his need for her, prodded against her belly.
He groaned low in his throat and bent his head to nip her lip in warning. Excitement pooled low in her core, and he smiled, whilst taking her arms and pinning them high above her head.
"Hold onto that headboard and do not let go. Do you hear me, Louise?" There was an edge of command in his voice she had never heard before, and her breath hitched in response. He smiled, when she curled her fingers round the rail and then brushed a kiss across her lips. A mere whisper of a touch, but it sent her need for him sky-high.
"Hmm, I can taste the champagne you've had. But we need strawberries to go with that, don't we."
He lifted himself off her for a second and reached across to the nightstand. She too looked across and her eyes widened at the bowl of fresh strawberries left there. He picked one of the ripe fruits up and ran it along her jawbone, over her cheek, down her nose and over her lips that parted automatically for him.
"That's my girl."
The approval in his voice warmed her already heated skin to inferno proportions and she moaned low in her throat when he licked the lush fruit and bit into it.  Again he traced the contours of her mouth, and this time she tasted him with the sweet fragrance of ripe strawberry when she too bit into the fruit. Again and again he repeated the process until the sticky juices of the fruit ran down her chin, over her throat and into the valley of her breasts.
His eyes darkened further as his gaze followed the crimson rivulets, and her hands tightened on the rail. She shook with the effort it took to not reach out and touch him. When he bent his head to suckle her bottom lip, her hips bucked off the bed in response. The ache between her thighs became unbearable as he deepened the kiss, and their tongues danced together in an ever more passionate rhythm. He ground the thick, hard length of his erection into the juncture of her thighs and she spread her legs wide, desperate for him to thrust into her. She could feel his smile in the butterfly kisses, he trailed down her throat. He licked a path of heated awareness along her sensitive skin, sending tingles of arousal down toward her clit, with every lick of his hot tongue along her skin. The slow torturous descent was driving her insane with need, and when he finally blew against her hard nipples, she begged him to hurry up.
He chuckled into the valley of her breasts, and pulled the cups of her bra down. Her breasts ached and tightened in need, and she squirmed when he rubbed his stubble across the oh so sensitive peaks of her nipples. He bit each one lightly and the tiny pinpricks of pain zoomed straight to her clit.
"Please … please, Nathan. I need you to fuck me now."        
Louise didn't recognize the needy porn star imitation of her voice pleading for him to take her, to fuck her, to fill her with his cock. She was never that vocal about her needs, but then she couldn't recall the last time a man had got her so worked up, that she was hovering on the edge of her release already.
He released her nipple with a pop, and shook his head.
"Oh no, you're not ready yet."
"Yes, yes, I am, please … I need … ooooh—" The ability to talk at all left her completely when he licked a path along the quivering skin of her tummy, shouldered her legs open wider and ripped her sodden thong off her in one fluid move.
"Look at me, sweet Louise."   
She followed the whispered words immediately and he gave her the most sinful smile, before he licked his lips like a connoisseur.
"You are so wet and swollen for me already. You have no idea how often I fantasized about doing this. You're not going to rush me, now that I finally have you where I want you."
She frowned at the words. They seemed awfully odd for a dream, but before she could say anything, his warm tongue pushed her pussy lips apart and Louise gave herself up to sensation. He lapped at her slit like a man dying of thirst, and the deep appreciative growls send almost painful vibrations to her swollen clit. He licked around it in ever increasing circles, easing off every time she came too close. Sweat trickled into her eyes and her hair stuck to her skin, as her body climbed the rungs of bliss, only to be denied that elusive release time and time again.
When he pushed several fingers into her tight channel, her hungry pussy clenched around the digits and Nathan swore into her folds.
He withdrew completely and Louise was on the verge of tears.
"No, please, I need you to…"
"Shh, my sweet, I know. I know. You have done so well." His kiss was soothing and arousing in equal measures and when he pulled back again and smiled at her, she blinked the tears away.
There was a rip of foil and her whole body tightened in need, as he positioned himself between her thighs. He pushed into her slowly, carefully, awakening a thousand little nerve endings in the process, as her body struggled to accept his thick, hard length. He watched her carefully until finally he was seated to the hilt and she was so full, she felt utterly complete, possessed, loved.
He kissed her nose and ran his hands slowly up her arms until he reached her fingers still tightly clenched around the rail of the headboard.
"Let go now, baby."    
He pulled out and thrust deep at the same time, and Louise saw stars, as her body tightened around him. He clasped her hands in his, and thrust again, pounding her into the soft covers, marking every inch of her as his. Together they climbed, faster, harder, until the ripples started deep within her core.
Nathan swore and increased his rhythm, pushing her over the edge, and as her internal walls closed around him, he too tensed and growled his own release into her neck. Caught in the myriad of sensations assaulting her, Louise bucked against him, hopelessly filled and surrounded by him, as he pushed her body into one earth shattering orgasm after the other.
She screamed her release, until her voice was hoarse and when the room finally stopped spinning, he rolled off her slowly and drew her into his side.
"Merry Christmas, Louise."
She smiled and curled into him, her last conscious thought, before she drifted off to sleep, that she must go away more often, if she had dreams like that.
Nathan smiled down at the woman in his arms and sent a silent prayer of thanks up to the powers that be. He had a lot of explaining to do in the morning, but now he had her, he was never going to let her go.
She was his very own Christmas Miracle.

(Copyright 2012 Doris O'Connor)


Have a fantastic time this festive season, however you celebrate it.

D xx 


  1. And a very merry Christmas to you. Thanks for the heat on a very dreich Scottish Christmas day.
    I'm so pleased you've had such a great year...

    1. Thanks, Raven, and have a great day! x

  2. Merry Christmas Doris! I bought a copy of your "For the love of mutt". Can't wait to read. Lynn

    1. Yey, hope you like my sexy Mutt ;-) Have a great Christmas, Lynn!

  3. This was a delightful Christmas treat! Merry Christmas Doris!

  4. Merry Christmas Doris, such a delicious dessert for a midnight snack on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the treat!

  5. Merry Christmas ;)
    Thanks for sharing the delightful story

  6. Merry Christmas & thank you so much for this unexpected gift!

  7. Thanks all! Glad you liked my little tale. He proved too inspirational to not write something :-D

  8. Happy Holidays! Thanks for the great short story!!

  9. Perfect ending to a perfect day :)

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