Monday, 3 December 2012

Vanilla-Free Christmas? Nah, no fun in that! #releaseday

Happy Monday, folks!

It's release day today for this fabulously naughty anthology.


This Christmas, the best gifts are waiting for those who have been naughty…

And the toys under the tree are not for children. Sexy Santas, naughty elves, and dominant shifters are ready to spread some very kinky Christmas cheer. It's a good thing the ladies in our stories are looking for anything but vanilla.

Be Warned: ménage sex, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM, spanking

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To celebrate the release the lovely Raven and I have swapped blogs today, so she is here to tell us all about her tale .

Take it away, Raven!


A Vanilla Free Christmas?

Noooo I like vanilla… Ice cream—Essence—er—ice cream. Then I realized… ohh you mean kink wise. Now then Hmm…and the cogs turned, and my murky mind woke up.
Ah a story… no vanilla allowed. Now I liked the sound of that.

Hmm what next? Oh I know…

Marian's Works Christmas Party takes a turn for the kink!

Marian saw stars as she was spun around several times. The next thing she knew she was in a fireman's lift, and her eyes were ogling a fine taut, naked ass. It begged to be fondled. Before she suited her actions to her thought her ass tingled and a red-hot fire consumed her. It started as a pain so intense it gripped her and made her clench her cheeks. Before she had time to complain or cry out, the pain changed to pleasure. Molten lava flowed through her, her pussy pulsed with her juices, and her head spun from passion, not propulsion.
That's those bloody double rulers. Where did he get them? Another clip, harder than before, made her bite her lip. It hurt, and it took longer for the pleasure to click in. Surely it should take less time, not more? Endorphins and all that?
Furious, Marian used her nails to score his back. He laughed.
 "Pitiful, love, you can do better than that. Stop fighting your pain and let your pleasure commence. Come on, do it now."
 He accompanied his words with a series of double raps that sent her spiraling into another world. Colors and senses combined into a vortex of pleasure that made her gasp then scream.
"I want more, I want … I want…" she sobbed, not knowing what she wanted.
 With a suddenness that disoriented her, she was on her feet and held tightly. Before she had time to come to her senses she was spread-eagled over her bed, face down, arms and legs stretched out. She wanted to sob and scream. Why had she come down from wherever she was so fast? Sod him, how dare he get me so close and not let me space out? Bastard, bloody fucking bastard.
Marian tried to sit up.
"Hey, what's this? Shh now, it's nearly time." A large hand rubbed her back, at the same time as her tummy was lifted as high as her restraints allowed, and a thick bolster wedged there to increase the angle of her ass. She wished she could see herself in a mirror. Would she be turned on or repelled? What did he intend to do next? All of a sudden she began to panic, and she started to struggle.
"Ah, ah, look, I'm er … fuck it, can't I just come, you come, and then we can get some sleep?"
"In time, sweet one, and if you're unhappy, remember red—"
 "Oh I know, orange and green," she said, grumbling under her breath. Could he not just shut up and put up? Normally. Or at least not let her think. Didn't all those books she read say it was up to him to take charge?
Tsk, tsk, Mara. You haven't read them properly. You're in charge. I'll push and make you go further than you ever thought possible, but you are in charge."
He reckons? Yeah, and I have a bridge to sell him.
"I might be ready to fly, but I sure as hell won't forget that stupid stuff. Why can't I just say stop?"
"Ah, my sweet Mara, stop might not mean stop. Think about it. How many times have you said, ah, stop, stop? And when I've stopped, you asked me why?"
 Hmm, she realized he had a point.
"So now, traffic lights." He paused and his finger penetrated that little bit further. Marian tried to breathe. It wasn't easy with her heart in her mouth. "Remember green you're fine, orange you need to pause and think, and red it’s stop. Immediately. And I will keep to those rules. Do you know what I want? How long I've waited to have you?" His finger was teasing her cleft, rubbing up and down. Each downward stroke he pressed just a little bit into her hole. Marian squirmed and tightened her muscles. Oh no, he could go fuck himself.
That expression was enough to make her smile. She didn't think that was what he had in mind.

And to find out just what he has in mind… haha you'll need to buy the book. But each and every story is hot…and vanilla free.

Merry Christmas,

Love R xx

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Thanks for sharing with us today, Raven. So happy to be all kinky with you. In a literary sense only, of course.

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  1. Thanks for letting me share Doris.. and congratulations to each and every one of us in this antho...

    1. *high fives Raven*

      We are in fabulous company are we not?

  2. Congrats on the release of the anthology, ladies. Sounds delish!

  3. It was great fun writing, and to share that cover with such fab writers is great!