Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cover Reveal: The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin @evernightpub

Did you hear me squeal where you are yesterday? No? Well, I am surprised, because I did just that when I opened my e-mail and saw this cover. It's Lakota to a 't', and Alice isn't half bad either...


Lay back and think of England, she could do this. It was only sex, after all. Auctioning off her virginity was the easy part—going through with it not so easy.  When Alice realizes who has acquired her, keeping her emotions out of the deal seems an impossible task.

Self-made billionaire Lakota, Lance Kemnay has no time for women, let alone one, who would sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Ever practical, however, he sees in Alice a solution to his immediate need for a wife. The emotions she stirs in him are just lust, and lust can be dealt with. As they connect emotionally and physically, his resolve to keep his heart aloof is tested beyond limits.

Can he trust his tender feelings, or has he been taken for a fool by the one woman he thought he could trust?


Here is the official excerpt too (be warned it's hot!):

He'd bound her to him with the ridiculous terms of their arrangement, and he had no idea how she really felt about him. That her body desired him, of that there was no doubt. Could there ever be more between them? Was the trust she exhibited in her submission to him enough to build a relationship on?
Would she want to stay with him once the arranged time was over? His little Alice was a romantic. Would she settle for a life with what little he had to offer, knowing full well that he was incapable of ever saying the words every woman wanted to hear?
"Lakota?" Her uncertain whisper shook him out his maudlin thoughts. This was here, and this was now. He would live in the moment and worry about all that later. Right now he had his woman where he wanted her.
"I'm here, my sweet. Relax."                         
She drew in a breath and another, in a visible effort to calm her nerves, and he bent down and kissed her again.
"Remember those candles you admired on that stall in Colombo, my sweet?"
She stilled completely and her breaths grew choppier, and he smiled.
"I see that you do… Now, feel their kiss, and fly for me."
He'd gone hard as nails in the middle of the crowded market at her innocent reaction to his whispered comment that these were far more than scented candles. He'd bought them on impulse, waiting for the right moment to introduce them. He knew her well enough by now to know how far he could push her, and he wanted to give her the pleasure this play brought.
She flinched at the first drop of wax hit her just below the collarbone, and he swiped the drop away, watching her closely for her reaction. Again and again he repeated the process, until she arched into the touch of the wax on her skin.
He drew patterns around her breasts, leaving the wax to settle, and letting the flame burn a little hotter each time. Her breathing changed to the slow, deep state of relaxed awareness he wanted her to be in as he scribed what was in his heart on her quivering tummy.
By the time he was done his dick was just about ready to explode, and Alice was so wet, the covers were stained under her ass. He smiled to himself at the face of housekeeping in the morning and poured one last heavy drop of wax over her hugely distended clit at the same time as he thrust his cock into the tight clasp of her body, with a growled, "Come for me, baby."
Alice came so hard and so fast she could barely catch her breath. The sensation of the hot wax dripping over her most sensitive flesh coupled with the feel of him sliding deep into her core, his weight pinning her in place proved too much.
She was dimly aware of Lakota reaching his own pinnacle in record time, and then she was free. Released from her bonds and held securely in his arms, she blinked to get her eyes to focus.
Her body was covered in multi-colored patters of wax, and he'd traced a word into her lower abdomen—Mine.
Alice bit back her tears, and Lakota's hands settled over her fingers tracing the word. She looked at him, and she held her breath at the emotion she glimpsed in his eyes, before he masked it.
"I will run you a bath, and you can soak it off. I'm not going near that beautiful skin of yours with a knife."
"Do we have to take it off?"
He grew very still at her husky question, and his voice was hoarse when he finally answered.
"I don't want you getting sore. This is your first time. We don't know how your skin will react."
Alice smiled at the protectiveness and concern behind those words.
"I seem to be having a lot of firsts around you, Mr. Kemnay."


*happy sigh*

This releases May 3rd with Evernight Publishing, who, incidentally are giving away 25% of their website proceeds in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, so May is the perfect month to stock up on your romance titles.

Isn't that a fabulous idea?

Let me know what you think of my cover, please, and enjoy the rest of your day,

D xxxx

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  1. Wow! Love the cover Doris :) and what a steamy excerpt.

    And great idea from EP, I'll definitely be grabbing something in May.

  2. this cover is so everything about the book... him ... her... sigh... oh my....

    1. Yep, it's pretty spot on I have to say.

  3. I bagsy him!!!!! MINE!!!! hahaha love the cover Doris!

    1. LOL, Cherie! I think you'll find Alice got there first ;-)