Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hot bod men and and how to get @RavenMcAllan's attention #m/m #newrelease Rian's Return

It's always a great day when Raven visits, even if I have to twist her arm a little to get her here. Today she is here to tell us about her hot bod men, which released yesterday.
Take it away, Raven, and be your naughty self...



So I sat looking at a blank document. The lovely Doris has bribed me with cuddles and kisses from my grandson to write this, so of course I rushed over. Who could miss out on those? They come from the heart…
ARGH, what am I going to write?
Then I thought, the clue is up there ^^^. When I thought of my lovely Budda-cuddles. Think of them. Write from the heart.
So here you are, my thoughts from heart.
That little (big? I never did biology at school, human or otherwise) organ under you skin that goes pitter patter (okay let me be all schmaltzy here) is all important. Not just to keep you alive, I'm not going down that route. No for drum roll romance.
 Whether a romance, love story, call it what you will, is about one, two three or lots of people, aliens, werewolves or robots, as long as it's about the warmth, love and feelings of the heart well does it matter who what where how and why? Love is love.
I never thought I'd write romance of any type, let alone hot and well a wee bit spicy. I wasn't a spice type of girl. Heck I didn't have a curry until I was in my twenties. Owing to my age ( SHHHHH…) there wasn't anywhere near where I lived to get one. I've made up for it mind you. I like my spice—and not just in food.
So we have four hot men…

Four men or two couples. Sam, Rian, Ed, and Ali. Could they work it all out?
Sam knew it was time to move on. Ed seemed the very person to help him. Would they manage to overcome the obstacle in their way? Namely Rian.

Rian is devastated. Just because he'd sent a Dear John email - or should that be a Dear Sam - did Sam have to accept it?

Ali couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the one guy he'd lusted after all those years earlier, walking along the street in the rain. Could he persuade Rian it was time to move on and get his reward for doing the right thing?

What do you think?

Here's a tease… I apologize if you've seen this one before but well, I drool every time I think of it…
Sam watched as Ed stood frowning, looking at the washing machine.
"Can you run this empty?" Ed asked him.

"I guess so, that's how you clean it. Why?"

Ed didn't answer directly. "Just come over here a sec, will you. Nice, okay, my turn now? Yeah?" Sam nodded. "Great. So lean your front against the machine then - oh, yeah. Get that lovely cock right up against it."

Sam did as he was told, feeling the cold metal against his body, as the sensation of his robe falling to the floor left him exposed. Cool air feathered over his body. There was a shuddering motion as the machine began its cycle, sending pulsating sensations into his penis. His cock swelled, and hardened.

"Don't move," Ed warned. "It's going to get even better now. Trust me."

The machine rubbed and stimulated Sam as his lover opened and stretched his ass. The gel's cool sensation had him shuddering, and he pushed himself away from the tremors and into Ed's hands. He was firmly pushed back toward the metal, as pressure was applied to his behind. He could feel himself being stretched, felt Ed gently push his penis into his tight opening. Gradually, like a flower in bud, he felt himself opening ever wider as Ed moved deeper. With one fast push, Ed was in.

"Jes-us." He felt himself tighten, involuntarily trying to push Ed out, before he relaxed, rode with the pain and it became pleasure. He moved, pulled Ed in further, begged, sought, and asked for more.

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So there you have it. I hope you agree, but argue amongst yourselves, I'm off to collect my bribe! Come to grandma Budda.


  1. Wow that's one hot blurb!

    Cuddles from the little ones always work don't they :)

  2. Every time Dee. Doris has a secret weapon, not that she needs it. I love visiting, and luckily she hasn't barred the blog door yet...

  3. The hottest post I've read today. I think I need a cold glass of water now. Thanks for the post on this book. This author definitely knows how to write. Wonder if her computer, or wherever she writes, starts to smoke?