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Meet @AryaGrey's characters from Every Second Counts #newrelease @evernightpub

I am rather excited to have pinned down the hero and heroine of Arya Grey’s latest creation, Vintage Ink — Every Second Counts.

I wish you could see these two together. Their love is palpable, I tell you.

Q. So, Brody, Faye, thanks so much for coming to visit me today. What’s your poison?

(Faye) Bourbon, straight. Old Grandad preferably.

(Brody) Scotch Whisky, twelve years or older, on the rock—singular.

Q. Faye, you run a tattoo parlor, right? What drew you to that profession?

A. I certainly do! Art has always been my forte, and what better canvas than the human body? I love to give people a memory that lasts forever.

Q. What did you first notice about Brody?

A. Before I even met him I was fascinated. Jackson, my lady-killer best friend, let me see the sketches for Brody's tattoo. Anyone who appreciates incredible art and Norse Mythology is someone I'd like to get to know. And damn, am I glad. J But if we are talking strictly physical here, then I'd have to say his height. I like a man that towers over me; which is not always easy for a girl of my height!

Q. Brody, you have some interesting tats. Explain the meaning behind them.

A. How long you got? I'm guessing you are speaking of my most recent work. Wrapped around my back and ribs is a black and gray piece of a gutted Fenrir, the giant Norse wolf. It symbolizes strength and overcoming your fears and worries. I won't go into detail on why, before Arya smacks me. ;)

Q. Why Vintage Ink to get them done?

A. I'd heard and seen great things coming from Jackson's chair. I booked the moment I had his details. He's a talented guy, but Faye doesn't hire just anyone at Vintage.

Q. What did you first notice about Faye?

A. Those pale green eyes that told more about her than anything else. I grew lost in them.

Q. Question for the both of you. When did you know she/he was the one?

F. His no-bullshit attitude. It was the third piece to the perfect pie. There's nothing worse than a liar, and Brody wears his feelings on his sleeve for all to see. It's a trait I'm jealous of. He could care less what anyone thinks about him.

B. You're more like me than you know, baby. Your strength is what helped me, so don't doubt yourself so much. Plus, -turns to Doris- have you seen her sketches? My girl knows how to tear shit up, if you know what I mean. J

Q. Will you make an appearance in future books in this series?

A. We certainly will!

Q. Okay, some fun questions, I would like both of you answer.
Favorite sexual position?

F. Against the wall, my hair in his hands, legs spread…

B. That's my girl! It changes every time though, if we're gonna be honest here…

Q. Ideal Tat?

F. I've not got much room left but I've got an appointment scheduled with Jackson tonight, in fact! Zombified Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" on my neck. It'll be my last for a while.

B. To finish the Fenrir piece, most importantly. But after that I'd like to start on my arms. I'm thinking the Yggdrasil tree.

Q. Tell us one thing about the other person that no one else knows

F. Brody giggles in his sleep.

B. I do? Fuck, you should tell me these things before telling the whole world, babe! Faye drools in her sleep, so we apparently make for an attractive pair in bed…

Q. Vanilla or Kink?

F. Kink, duh.

B. Kink, with moments of tender. J

Q. Couch Potato or Gym freak?

F. Gym freak, when I have the time! I like to run and play tennis from time-to-time.

B. Gym freak. I'd be lost without it.

Q. Fav childhood toy?

F. Etcha Sketch. I was getting pretty good at it when it broke from overuse. Whoops! Hehe.

B. My drum kit. It was a toddlers one and my first memory is spending every living second on that thing.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I know readers will love your story!

F. Thanks so much for having us! I hope everyone enjoys reading about us. I kinda love my life, right now J

B. The best moments in our lives are just ahead, baby. -leans in and kisses tip of Faye's nose-


Faye "Lux" Prescott has one passion in her life, her thriving tattoo business in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Creating art and working with her friends for a living — who has time or need for a man in her life?
All that changes when Brody Cameron walks into "Vintage Ink". The enigmatic stranger is booked for an impressive tattoo and Faye finds herself falling head over heels in lust — or is that love?
Brody's life has been tough, however, and when he reveals his secrets, can Faye help him move forward, or is their budding relationship doomed before it has even begun?

It had been twenty minutes—give or take—since Brody and his band walked off the small stage. Faye kept her eyes on the door he’d walked through to start the show for his reappearance as Jackson and Raven bickered behind her about the same girl.
"Who says she's into girls?"
"Who says she's into sanctimonious pricks?"
"Them's fightin' words, girl."
"Both of you, shut up! Neither of you will get anywhere if you stand at the bar and have a drunken slag-fest with each other. Actions are what count. Right?" Faye stared at them both. Jackson's arms were folded and tense at his stomach, and Raven shifted on her feet with her famous scowl on display. "Right?"
"Right." They both replied, at the same time. Raven turned quickly and headed towards the petite blonde. A flustered Jackson was hot on her tail soon enough.
Faye laughed quietly to herself.
"What's so funny?"
Brody's voice wrapped around Faye's senses like a coiled ribbon.
"I was just thinking how lucky my friends are that they're a couple of lovable assholes." She turned and was unexpectedly close to him. Her nose grazed his, and a steel gaze fixed on her own.
"They're lucky to have you," he said. His eyes never left her and although Faye thought she should feel uncomfortable by this, she wasn't. His mere presence put her at a strange ease, regardless of how nervous she was.
"You say that, but you don't even know me." Faye looked toward the bar as she spoke, hoping to catch the bartender's attention.
"That's something I'd like to change. I planned on getting to know you inside and out. If you'll have me, of course."
A simple gesture such as tucking her hair behind her ear had her mind in a tornado of feelings. She held onto the edge of the bar. "Are you kidding?" She looked up at him. "Do you own a mirror? I'm just curious as to why you're so interested in me, or why some gorgeous Scottsdale blonde hasn't snatched you up yet?"
"What makes you think I'm into blonde Scottsdale girls? That couldn't be farther removed from the truth if you'd tried. If you really want to know, I like a woman who can hold her own and creating beautiful art on people's skin every day is just a bonus. Would you like me to continue, because I could go on all night about your beauty alone."
"No, it's fine." Faye smiled up at Brody, who slipped his arms around her waist.
"Good. Now, how many drinks do I need to catch up to you?"

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  1. Hee hee. Great interview! It's good to get to know the characters :)

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  3. Thanks for having them, Doris!