Tuesday, 13 August 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays - The Party

Happy Tuesday, folks. Enjoy your tease today. This pic spoke to me so much, that I just had to sit down and make a start on the full story - as you do, when you're me anyway.


Source: Facebook
Original Source Unknown

"Lucy? What the fuck?"

Air rushed by and there was the sickening sound of flesh connecting on flesh, before the blindfold was lifted and Joshua's angry face appeared in Lucy's vision.
Embarrassment at her father's best friend finding her at the play party heated her cheeks, and she couldn't look at him. It seemed infinitely safer to stare at his polished shoes.
"Would you care to explain to me why you just floored one of my guests?" The host of the party asked and Lucy cringed. "The girl agreed to this scene, didn't you?"
With her ball gag still in place, all she could do was nod. Excitement had long since been replaced with misery. Yes, she had agreed, but the guest in question had gagged her and proceeded to tie her with little regard to her comfort levels, and even though she had frantically clenched her hands to signal him to stop, he hadn't—until Joshua had intervened.
"Lucy is mine."
Arousal pooled low in her belly at the possessiveness behind those words, and the world tilted, when he picked her up and unceremoniously flung her over his shoulder.

"And she is so going to be punished for this."

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today.
Till next week, folks.

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  1. oh yes, and Lucy is happily waiting I reckon

  2. OOOO poor Lucy or should that be Lucky Lucy?

  3. I think Lucy is waiting with baited breath for a punishment. Great teaser

  4. Love it. I look forward to the longer story.

  5. Oh my! That had me squirming. Um, I might've even spilled some coffee.

  6. LMAO, funny piece there. This needs to be expanded.

  7. I loved your flash. I read and felt both their characters become visually real