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#MWTease from Let's Get It On “We’re just going to show you how good we could be..." (WIP) #mfm #bdsm

Happy Middle of the week, folks. It's that time again where we share from a published work or Work in Progress, thanks to he awesome Sandra Bunino, who brings us together every week.

I'm going to share from my current WIP, Lets get it on. Last time I shared from this, the brothers had made Lily an offer, She had to decide whether she wanted them both as her Doms. In today's tease, the brothers


and Sloan

 have decided to help her along in that decision making process. They're at the diner, and it's almost closing time...

Unedited word vomit, so please excuse any mistakes.

Witnessing Cyrus’ foul mood, Lily almost wished she could follow her. Instead she looked up at Sloan, who was watching his brother with a frown on his face.
“What’s eating him?” She whispered the question and Sloan sighed and answered in an equally low voice.
“He hasn’t told you then.” It wasn’t a question, more of a resigned statement, as he helped himself to the last muffin left on the plate, and Lily’s hormones went into overdrive. Watching Sloan eat was an exercise in torture, as he made small appreciative grunts of enjoyment, licked his fingers clean, and then washed it all away with a swig of coffee. Lily’s gaze followed the movement of his Adams Apple as he swallowed, and her fingers itched to brush away the crumbs that clung to his pectorals, clearly outlined under the well-worn tee he wore. Emblazoned with the diner’s motif it matched her own uniform, but Lily was pretty sure hers didn’t look as good on her as his did on Sloan.
Then again, maybe it did, as far as he was concerned. The heat in his eyes when she finally wrenched her gaze up to his, made her breathing speed up and she hastily took a step back. Not that she got far very far as the counter at her back stopped her retreat. Sloan smirked and Lily swallowed hard when Cyrus’ spicy aftershave alerted her to his presence. Sure enough he wrapped his hand in her ponytail, holding her in place.
“If you keep looking at me like that, pet, I’ll be forced to take you up on the offer, and fuck you right here on this counter.” Sloan closed the distance between them as he spoke and using just the tip of his index finger ran it down her throat, over her collarbone and into the V of her tee-shirt.
“Breathe, pet.” Sloan smiled as he said that, and his voice deepened, taking on the edge of command that made Lily wet instantly, and she drew a shuddering breath into her lungs. Sloan’s grin turned sinful and he trailed that finger lower, until he circled her already hard nipple. Cyrus reached round from behind and gave the same attention to the other nipple, and Lily barely suppressed her whimper of need.
“Whatever happened to giving me time?” Even to her own ears that halfhearted protest sounded feeble and as breathy as a porn star’s, and Cyrus tugged her head back to make her look at him. Trapped between Sloan and the counter as she was, her position wasn’t exactly comfortable, but it just added to the intense waves or arousal that surged through her right now, as both men chose to twist and pull at her nipples at the same time.
The sweet pain shot straight to her clit and Lily clenched her thighs together to relieve the ache in her pussy.
Cyrus grinned at her, and her world tilted a little seeing that smile. Especially as he had been so serious all day.
“We’re just going to show you how good we could be, before I have to leave, right, bro?” He flicked a glance at his brother, and Lily gasped when Sloan grasped her hips and then kicked her legs apart, before dropping to his knees in front of her.
Sloan ran his hands up her legs taking the hem of her skirt with her, and then inhaled against her damp mound.
“Quite so, Cy. Besides I’m dying to find out if our girl tastes as good as you say she does.”
Oh, God. He wasn’t going to go down on her, right here, was he? Where anyone could walk into the diner and see them. The thought made Lily even wetter, and Sloan murmured his approval as he ran his fingers along her still covered slit.
“So wet, already. Our girl rather likes this it seems.”
Cyrus laughed and claimed her mouth in a bruising kiss, before releasing her with a bite to her bottom lip.
“Of course she is. Our girl is a naughty little slut who doesn’t care one iota that anyone could see her. I bet she’s getting wetter even now, isn’t she bro? Make her come for me, so I have a nice memory to jerk off to in my hotel room, Sloan. I want to see her fall apart.”
Cyrus grasped her hair again, and Lily lost herself in the intensity of his stare, as her body went limp.
“You’re leaving?” Lily managed to gasp the question, dimly aware of Sloan pulling the sensible white cotton knickers she wore to work down her legs with agonizing slowness. His hot breath ghosted across her wet slit, and then there was an audible rip, as her underwear gave way. A flash of white flew in the air, and Cyrus caught her ruined knickers with a grin.
He sniffed them, winked at her, and then stuffed them in his trouser pocket.
“Thanks, bro, but I think we should make it a rule, that our Lily here is not allowed to wear panties to work, certainly not plain ones likes this.”
“Fuck, yeah.” Sloan grunted his approval from between her legs, and Lily bit her lip at the warm and wet sensation against her sensitive flesh, as he licked along her slit. He repeated the action with agonizing slowness over and over, until Lily couldn’t stand it anymore. She screwed her eyes shut and panted her need, not really sure what noises she was desperately trying not to make. Cy’s harsh breaths in her ear, spiked her arousal higher, and she whimpered at his strained words in her ear.
“Fuck, that’s so hot. If you two get up to anything without me, I want you to video it. Better still, Skype me. That would be fucking hot.”
Sloan grumbled his approval as he ate her out with earth shattering finesse. Cyrus swallowed her deep groan in the heated kiss he gave her, when Sloan hooked her leg over his shoulder, and sucked on her clit, while pushing two fingers into her desperately clenching pussy hole.

The stimulation proved too much, and Lily ground herself against Sloan’s face buried between her legs as her orgasm shot through her. The rough texture of his bristly Jaw on her tender flesh added to the whole sensation overload, and she flew.


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