Sunday, 19 October 2014

#SexySnippets from Her Bear Protector (The Protectors) "It is not nice to doubt your Sir." #bdsm #shifter @sirenbookstrand

Happy Sunday, folks. It's just two days until Her Bear Protector releases, so today's snippets are another look into this story.

Tina is about to find out what happens when she doubt her Sir.

“I can see that you need convincing. It is not nice to doubt your Sir, girl.
Without warning he brought the flat hand of his hand down on her generous ass, and Tina shrieked, and tried to push up by her elbows, but Ronan was having none of that. He pushed her back down on the bed with a hand on the small of her back and she went limp at his growled, “Stay.”

He delivered several more stinging swats to her ass, the dominant in him satisfied at the way her skin pinked under his hands. He massaged the hot skin and a whimper escaped Tina, and she grew ever wetter for him.
“Give me a color, babe, and let me know you’re okay with this.”

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, shape-shifters, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

From the minute Ronan Bernhard roars into Tina Snowdon’s sleepy village on his Harley, he inhabits her thoughts and dreams. The inked mountain rescue biker is a sex-on-legs hunk, and her knickers aren’t the only ones that melt in a flash at his wicked smile. Ronan, however, keeps his distance and simply becomes another client of her cleaning firm, until the morning she turns up and finds his cottage trashed, and her life is turned upside down.

Bear Shifter Ronan recognises his mate the minute he scents her. Having her clean for him means he can watch over her from afar, because to claim her as his mate and sub is out of the question. As the village protector he has responsibilities he can’t ignore—duties that will place Tina in grave danger—even if she were able to accept not only his bear, but also his darker desires. The morning she finds him injured, his bear takes over…

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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release Doris. Great snippet, as usual, just love the sexiness of the spanking, very hot.

  2. I'm hoping her colour is green! Lovely sexy snippet :)

    1. Lol, oh I reckon it will be, don't you? Thanks, Nicolette :-)

  3. There's just something so hot about a spanking, especially when delivered over the knees. Fab snippet.

    On the other hand, let's hope my hubby doesn't read my comment and get ideas. LOL

    1. LOL, I don't know... It could lead to all sorts of deliciously naughty things, if he did, Kiru ;-)

  4. Green, green, definitely green, right? Hot snippet, Doris.

  5. Green! Green! She can't be any other color and if she is I'll take her place! :p