Sunday, 12 October 2014

#SexySnippets from Her Bear Protector (The Protectors) "You're mine." #bdsm #shifter @sirenbookstrand

Happy Sunday, folks. Hope you're having a great weekend. After a week where we've been struck down by the dreaded stomach bug, and went down like the proverbial flies, we are finally all better. What's more our eldest is home from Uni for the weekend, so lil old me is a rather happy Mama Bear.

Talking of bears, lol, Her Bear Protector went on pre-order this week. You might have heard me squeal in excitement, so, naturally my snippets come from this story.


To set the scene, Tina is wondering why Ronan hasn't just claimed her. According to her books, he ought not to be able to help himself after all. This is his response....

“It’s not that I don’t want to. Trust me, my jaw aches with the need to sink my teeth into your soft flesh, to feel you come apart around my cock while I fuck you senseless, but when I do, and believe me, I will.” He smiled grimly at her sharp intake of breath. “Make no mistake about it. You’re mine, Tina. You’re my mate, mating bite or not, and nothing will change that, but when the time comes for me to cement that bond between us, it will be with you being fully aware of what that entails.”

She blinked away tears, and he smiled and kissed them off her face with so much unexpected tenderness her heart clenched inside her chest.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, shape-shifters, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

From the minute Ronan Bernhard roars into Tina Snowdon’s sleepy village on his Harley, he inhabits her thoughts and dreams. The inked mountain rescue biker is a sex-on-legs hunk, and her knickers aren’t the only ones that melt in a flash at his wicked smile. Ronan, however, keeps his distance and simply becomes another client of her cleaning firm, until the morning she turns up and finds his cottage trashed, and her life is turned upside down.

Bear Shifter Ronan recognises his mate the minute he scents her. Having her clean for him means he can watch over her from afar, because to claim her as his mate and sub is out of the question. As the village protector he has responsibilities he can’t ignore—duties that will place Tina in grave danger—even if she were able to accept not only his bear, but also his darker desires. The morning she finds him injured, his bear takes over…

Available for pre-order now at a 10% discount at Bookstrand


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.


  1. Aww....such a tender scene... <3

  2. :-) I do love a tender moment. Great snippet

  3. Very tender I love it. The heat is there in the promise and so is the emotion!

  4. Wow. What a declaration. There's nothing like a determined man with a tender heart. Great snippet.

  5. This is so hot Doris...I can feel the ownership and sexual undercurrents....

  6. Possessive yet tender. Sounds like my kinda man. Great snippet. You're seriously taking over my TBR pile, Doris. ;)

    1. Lol, well it's a great place to be, Liz ;-)