Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#TantalizingTuesdays - Remembrance

Happy Tuesday, folks. It's release day for me, but I had to tease you as well. This picture inspired a sad flash, but one filled with hope too, and I might just get a story out of it.. Enjoy!

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Haunting music filled the air and Melissa closed her eyes and let the heart wrenching guitar strums consume her. So much pain and regret conveyed at the pluck of Jason’s fingers. She’d had no idea of his past until the blonde bimbo who lived in the flat above him had spilled the beans to his personal life.
Melissa had wanted the ground to swallow her up, when Jason had walked in on the conservation. Bimbo—she really ought to try and recall her name—had spun round, flattered her long eyelashes and positively purred at Jason.
“Ah, talk of the devil. I’m just filling our newbie here in on all the residents. You don’t mind, Jason, do you?”
Lips drawn into a tight line he’d ignored her, but it was the flash of pain that had crossed his rugged features that had torn at Melissa’s heart.
The music stopped and Melissa opened her door to find Jason stare into space. He turned to look at her, and there was that flash of something indecipherable again, before he masked it.
“That was so beautiful,” she said. “You must miss them.”
Jason smiled and nodded.

“You remind me of her, sweet girl.”

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As ever, let me know what you thought of my teaser today. 

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  1. I could almost hear the guitar strums. Melissa should think of a way to get rid of Bimbo. She's in the way. Great teaser

  2. That was very touching, sensitive. The interest you developed in a mere 200 words was remarkable. It was haunting. I loved it. It DOES have the makings of a full story. xo

    1. Yeah, it's been niggling at me ever since I wrote it, lol. Thanks, Muffy :-)

  3. Oh, but you left so much untold. I'm curious about his exes.

    1. Wife and daughter, he's told me that much, Angelica :-)

  4. You and Doris have left me with haunting emotions of a deep sadness. The guitar music could only be as beautiful as his memories for them. I agree, you should expand your Teaser.

  5. Wow, you caught me by surprise on this one. This piece must be expanded.

  6. beautifully written and very heart breaking