Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brain, where art thou?

As the title would suggest, I seem to have misplaced this particular part of my anatomy. Well, it's either lost or Markus is sapping all of my brain power.

Unfortunately the missing brain goes hand in hand with a complete inability to write. It's all up there, well wherever my brain is atm, but can I get my thoughts onto the screen - urm - no! Don't know why I'm surprised really, as I can barely string a coherent sentence together or do the simplest thing. My patience is non existent and some day soon I will be booked for road rage I am sure *blush*. I feel a bit like a grumpy old woman. In fact I am sure I could give them a run for their money.

Add to that the fact that I cannot breathe, walk any distance or heaven forbid pick anything off the floor and need a crane to lift me off the sofa or take half an hour trying, oh it's fun.

On the positive side am loving the kicks I am getting and playing chase Markus round the belly is great fun. Tj regularly complains, mind, because he gets kicked off. Having a foot stuck under my ribs is also not quite so much fun, but hey it comes with the territory and at least I know he is ok in there.

How I am going to last another thirteen weeks without exploding, I am not quite sure really...

Ho hum, I shall go back to putting my feet up and catching up on my huge TBR pile. At least I can still do that, even if my creative juices seem to have dried up. Guess I can't grow a mini elephant and write at the same time. ;-) I will just have to sort nappies and baby clothes instead, what a hardship...


  1. Poor you.
    I totally sympathise and have the utmost respect for you for going for number nine. I accepted defeat at 2. LOL.
    I love children but I really can't be bothered with going through another 9 months of pregnancy. Honestly.

    So I vote for putting your feet up and catching up with your TBR.

  2. Oh, poor you! Our bodies have this odd way of making us take notice. We may not like what it's telling us, but it's often right. Take the chance to rest and catch up on the reading whilst you can, the words will still be there when you're ready. {{{hugs}}}