Sunday, 8 May 2011

Licking my wounds

I feel a bit like one of my cats when they have hurt themselves and hide away in a corner. Why the whole woe is me attitude you might ask?

Well Friday found me eagerly opening an e-mail from my editor for Scandinavian Scandal, only to come crashing down to earth with a mighty bump. She really liked the premise of the story but was unable to take the manuscript further. There followed some feedback as to why, which left me rather confused, but the upshot of it was thanks, but no thanks.

Now this is by no means the first rejection I have had and I am sure it won't be the last, but for some reason this one hurt the most. I really had high hopes for this manuscript and maybe that's why this has hit me so hard. A lesson in humility for me perhaps. Just because I think it's some of the best work I have ever done, doesn't mean an editor is going to agree with me!

Having said all that she has kindly offered to send me specific examples of where she feels I need to improve in the manuscript and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity for feedback. I will set it aside for a few weeks and then look at it all again with fresh eyes and hopefully everything will be clearer, I will work on it some more and re-submit.

That's the rational side of my brain talking. The hormonal, emotional side of my brain has cried lots and has taken a huge knock to my writing confidence, but I will get over it...

So for now, I will indulge in chocolate and reading and just taking it easy for a bit. Some day I will look back on this and laugh I am sure!

And hey it's all part of the process right?


  1. so we keep getting told....(all part of the process) I have never been rejected so often since i was 17 and so wanted this boy not to break up with me cos he fancied my friend... Double whammy that.
    But thinking positive, we all loved it . Now we are not editors, but we are readers, so that must say something, surely?
    Keep on writing .... er how's the pole dancer?

  2. As a reader, I still stand by my word that SS is your best work to date. So there are some techinical writing issues. That gives you scope to make it better than it is. It doesn't mean change the story, just change the way you tell the story.
    While rejections hurt, I'll take this as a huge positive. By all means cry, eat loads of chocolate, do whatever it takes to get you through the pain but never give up. Think about all those writers that were rejected at one point or ther other.
    In the meantime, get back to TDTT, I'm dying to know how that ends.

  3. Hugs on the R. After a few chocolate filled days I'm sure you'll be ready to start again.

  4. Keep believing in your story. Everyone has a different take on things. Take the feedback and act on the bits you agree with then send it to someone else. Mx

  5. SS has struck a cord with lots of readers so you know you have a great story, resonant characters and the ability to engage with readers. Proper feedback is a great opportunity to fix whatever the missing ingredient is. I know how much the R hurts and have licked a lot of wounds myself the last few months but you have got so far with this one it's a great achievement. Well done x

  6. Hi Doris, sorry to hear about your rejection. That sucks. Which publisher did you try it with? If you really love the story, is it worth trying it elsewhere before you do anything else? An epub, for example? Good luck, whatever you decide!

  7. Sorry SS didn't get further but it did pique the interest of the editor and they obviously feel you have a lot going for it to send you such great feedback. Like the others have said, have a mood on and eat chocolate and then look at the ms again and see if you can improve on it. Then start the nail biting all over again by sending it out!
    Good luck, Doris - we all know you can do it :D xx

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind words, even if some of them made me cry again. Blasted pregnancy hormones ;-)

    Like I said I'll get over it and I will send it out again, once my thick skin had grown back!

  9. Ah D, don't worry we LOVED S/S and well lets be honest we L.O.V.E.D Sven alot!! Don't be down beat about it, this was just one publisher and there are hundreds out there. The right one is just waiting for you to send your ms to them!