Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another six sentences from Mr Satisfaction Guaranteed #SixSunday

Happy Sunday all!

I am bringing you another six from my free read Mr Satisfaction Guaranteed, which will be yours to own in just five days!

*big grin*

In this scene, they are just getting started... Enjoy!

"Touch them for me. Roll those greedy little nipples between your fingers to make them ready for my touch."
The husky quality of his voice raised gooseflesh all over her body and she shuddered in response. Obediently, she raised her hands and cupped her heavy breasts, the simple act incredibly erotic under his scrutiny. She rolled her nipples between her thumb and fingers, and groaned at the sensations sparking along her nerve endings. Like a live wire every tuck and pull seemed attached to her clit, and yet more moisture soaked her thong, and trickled past the elastic.

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Until next week, folks :-)