Sunday, 2 September 2012

Six Sentence Sunday from For The Love Of Mutt

I was trying to decide what to tease you with and lo and behold, I got Cover Art, so that made the decision for me.

I absolutely adore this cover!

Last time I shared six from this story it was still a wip, but I'm pleased to confirm that this will be available for Christmas.

So without further ado here are my six.

Ethan is in his 'Mutt' form and well... you'll see...

He breathed a sigh of relief when she slipped into a flannel dressing gown. Not that it proved much better, because the flashes of bare skin he could see when she moved were enough to send his libido into overdrive. She disappeared into the bathroom and when she re-emerged five minutes later, smelling all clean and adorable with her face scrubbed clean of any make up, she looked very young and utterly edible. He followed her to the bedroom with a feeling of impending doom. Sure enough she flung her bathrobe off and he caught another glimpse of naked flesh, before he flopped down and put his paws over his eyes with a growled groan.
         "Oh you silly dog."


Will he manage to keep his hands or paws off her? What do you think?

Till next week folks. Have a great Sunday and don't forget to check out the other authors here.

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