Sunday, 16 September 2012

Six Sentences from Mr Satisfaction Guaranteed #SixSunday

Happy Sunday folks!

Today's six come from Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed, a free read which is scheduled for release September 28th!


*dances around in excitement*

I can't share the cover yet, because I'm still waiting on that, but here is the blurb.

Can an invitation only escort service really change your life?
Stuck in a rut and desperate for a good lay Anna spends a fortune to meet with the mysterious Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed. But, can she really go through with a night of no strings attached, paid for sex. Has she become that girl?
And can one man really fulfill all her fantasies? Only one way to find out.

Oh yeah, I had fun with this one. Here are your six sentences :-)

He ran his thumb along the seams of her mouth, over her chin down towards her throat and tightened his hold just enough for that digit to dig into her windpipe.
She sobered instantly and Lord help her, if that simple act of possession, coupled with the determined expression on his face didn't have more of her cream soak the scrap of material covering her mound.
"Did I give you permission to laugh, my pet?"
"No, I'm sorry, Sir."
She dropped her eyes and did her best to look chagrined. It was a difficult look to achieve when her insides jumped for joy. 


She has an interesting night ahead of her.

Till next week, folks.

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  1. Hot six! I think she's going to find exactly what she's looking for!

  2. Ohh, loved this six! And the title of your short it sounds like it must have been fun to write and will be fun to read!

  3. But will she be suitably submissive or will he have to punish her.... Give me more.

  4. Well, if her satisfaction is guaranteed, I'm going to bet on some kind of punishment. Sounds like she's ready for it. :) Sexy six.