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Spotlight on A to Zane with @CherieNicholls #shiftersofhillside #newrelease

I just love Cherie's shifters and as we all know I have a soft spot for tigers. In this, book four of The Hillside Shifters, Zane is a tiger.

Yummy! Don't take my word for it however. Check it out for yourself.

When Zane spots Abby, his tiger demands he stop everything and pursue. Zane couldn't agree more. Kickass she may be, but he knows just how to handle prickly women in denial of their own sexuality.

Abby has enough to do dealing with her overprotective family and friends. It’s practically a full-time job just keeping them out of jail. She really doesn't need a sexy tiger shifter throwing her libido into overdrive.

She has a business to run, and no matter how pretty the kitty is, she has more important things to deal with.

However, when her past catches up with her, the kitty may just prove to be her salvation. Damn it!


“It’s customary to wait for a response when asking a person to dance.” Zane spoke directly into her ear.
Abby’s breath caught as he started to sway to the beat of the music. A song with a heavy beat and slow tune started to play. She caught a glimpse of Laney walking away from the DJ booth. Damn her interfering ass.
“You know, from here I can see right down your top.” Zane said it so matter of fact, it surprised a laugh from her.
“A gentleman wouldn’t look.”
“Baby, I’m an animal. You should remember that.”
They moved together, her pressed so tight against his chest, she could feel the straps of his leather top outlined on her back.
They found a natural rhythm together, something Abby refused to analyze. It didn’t mean anything. Just two people who could move to the music, is all.
With one arm wrapped around her waist, his hand resting on her hip, Zane used the other hand to stroke down her arm, stopping to link their fingers together.
It all felt so right, as if they’d been doing it for years … for their entire lives. Abby let her head drop back against his chest. She was half aware of her family watching them, and she knew she should care, but in Zane’s arms, she really didn’t give two flying hoots.
Zane bent lower, kissing his way along the exposed length of her shoulder, along her neck and to her ear. He sucked in the lobe. When he grazed the soft flesh with his fangs she was sure she’d melt into a giant, Abby-sized puddle right there at his feet.
“Baby, you smell so good.” He purred. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?”
Before she could say anything, Zane licked the column of her throat.
“Mm, much better.”
Abby tipped her head to the side, letting him have free reign. She spent the rest of the song in the most sensual haze she’d ever experienced. Zane grabbed the back of her head, pulling and twisting it to give him complete access to her lips. He plundered her mouth, not asking for access but taking it. His tongue took over, tasting her, claiming her mouth for his own.

Cherie Nicholls is an author of Paranormal Romance. By day she is an IT Manager and by night she whips up worlds where alpha men find their mates and people are always more than human.

Cherie was born and lives in London, UK and is a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, aunt-in-law, great-aunt, and godmother in an ever growing family. She has a passion for shifter stories, most any sport and thimbles...don’t ask.  
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@cherienicholls, writing paranormal erotic comedy, with a fetish for thimbles..go on you know you want to ask why

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